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Trending Questions #TrendingQuestions is a series held at the Zacharias Institute. Several times each year we bring in and live-stream a speaker for an evening engaging with one of several urgent questions facing our culture. Upcoming questions include: Is Christianity a white man’s religion? Am I just my brain? Is suicide an option? What does Christianity have to say to the #MeToo generation? Livestreams Take your faith to a deeper level by discussing RZIM’s livestreams with other members of the RZIM family.
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November 2019 Writing Competition: Why is it so important to answer not only the question, but also the questioner?

Hi friends, @Interested_in_Evangelism, We are hosting another writing competition in RZIM Connect! The prompt: Why is it so important to answer not only the question, but also the questioner? Guidelines: Incorporate S…

24 November 15, 2019
A Child's Past Life 20 November 15, 2019
If our particles have no identity, how can we? 10 November 15, 2019
Guiding children through learning about other religions and cultures 10 November 14, 2019
JESUS IS KING by Kanye West 31 November 11, 2019
What do you need to be an effective evangelist? 6 November 11, 2019
My Question: Total number of Belief Systems/gods, Past and Present 6 November 11, 2019
Is Hell Eternal? 47 November 11, 2019
On the skeptics claim on the existence of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth 2 November 10, 2019
Take the Pew Research quiz 5 November 10, 2019
Is morality subjective? 14 November 7, 2019
Is Mormonism the same as Christianity? 2 November 7, 2019
Why should the disciples be trusted? Other religions had small groups that followed their respective leader and believed what the leader said was true 4 November 6, 2019
Is there historical evidence that Jesus existed as recorded in the Bible? 4 November 6, 2019
How to deal with vegetarian? 6 November 6, 2019
Ideas for apologetic series needed 3 November 5, 2019
Is Roman Catholicism a Cult? 1 November 5, 2019
Are Spiritual Truths Exclusive? Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray 6 November 5, 2019
My Question:English-Spanish resource for New Beliver 4 November 5, 2019
How to witness to person with severe mental illness 6 November 4, 2019
My Question: Comfort through Grief 10 November 3, 2019
To each their own? 5 November 2, 2019
Where to start when a person states they don’t understand? 9 November 2, 2019
How to love Muslims during Ramadan 7 November 1, 2019
How to present Jesus to my Muslim relative who is just started to enter in faith? 8 November 1, 2019
Good resources to help our Muslim friends to find Christ 4 November 1, 2019
Does God's Sovereignty Undermine Freewill? 4 October 31, 2019
How does God answer Prayers? 13 October 31, 2019
What attitude should a Christian take towards corruption and injustice in governments? 7 October 31, 2019
Genesis 6:6 9 October 31, 2019