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Ask Yutaro Kato (February 17-21, 2020)

Hello, friends! This coming week, we are excited to welcome back Yutaro Kato to Connect Q&A floor to answer your questions about life and faith. @yutaro is a graduate of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and …

13 February 20, 2020
About the Ask RZIM category 2 December 2, 2019
General Posts in the Ask RZIM Category

Hi friends, In nearly all cases, posts made in the #ask-rzim Category that are not addressed to a specific speaker will be moved to the #daily-evangelism or #bible-questions Categories. There are at least two reasons fo…

1 February 26, 2018
RZIM Global Report : February 2020 1 February 17, 2020
How far would you reach out to a dying (unbeliever) person whether they are just a random or a close friend to witness for Christ? 3 February 17, 2020
Do I need an advanced degree in order to engage in apologetics and evangelism? 3 February 17, 2020
Has science disproved the literal interpretation of Genesis 1? 3 February 17, 2020
Should we think of ourselves as merely mortal beings if we truly believe that we are looking forward to living in eternity with God? 3 February 17, 2020
What advice do you give to those of us in faith-based education who work with Christian adolescents who hold this postmodern belief that their faith is only personal and not something to be shared with others? 3 February 17, 2020
I just want to ask where is the West heading now philosophically? 3 February 17, 2020
Do I have reason to doubt my salvation if I do not feel a burden to share my faith with the lost? 3 February 17, 2020
Although we can’t earn salvation through works, can we work ourselves out of salvation? 3 February 17, 2020
What does it mean to be "filled with the Holy Spirit?" Is speaking in tongues for today? 3 February 17, 2020
The Muslim Brotherhood: Goals and Activities 2 February 17, 2020
Ask Greg Koukl (February 10-14, 2020) 27 February 14, 2020
Should Christians love themselves? 1 February 14, 2020
Hamas in Gaza 2 February 12, 2020
How should the modern church approach the Gifts of the Spirit in the form of prophecy, visions, and dreams? 3 February 7, 2020
When you are going through rough times what are some of the things you do to encourage yourself? 3 February 7, 2020
Ask Michael Ramsden (Nov. 2019) 13 February 17, 2020
Ask Nathan Rittenhouse (February 3-7, 2020) 27 February 7, 2020
On apostle St. Paul and the Resurrection! 3 February 6, 2020
How can I know God's will for my life? 1 February 6, 2020
Imago dei 2 February 4, 2020
How do you respond to the thought that every movie, magazine and cultural moment is actually a prayer? 3 February 3, 2020
How would you use this eternal ought as an ally when doing apologetics? 6 February 3, 2020
What are some challenges you have encountered in handling cultural issues as an apologist? 3 February 3, 2020
How can educators engage and expose children/youths to the Christian Hope in a secular setting? 3 February 3, 2020
What advice do you have for someone to balance a career, a family, and doing school? 3 February 3, 2020
Ask Cameron McAllister (January 27-31, 2020) 10 February 3, 2020