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Why is marriage the antidote to having sex in God’s eyes? If someone is in a committed, monogamous and loving relationship why do they need to be married? 3 April 11, 2020
Ask Jacob Cheriyan (April 6-10, 2020) 8 April 11, 2020
Ask Jordan Thyer (March 30-April 3, 2020) 10 April 11, 2020
Ask Kasey Leander (March 23-27, 2020) 6 April 11, 2020
Ask Sam Allberry (March 16-20, 2020) 16 April 11, 2020
What are some good resources to address Christian Science? 3 March 19, 2020
Was Jesus just an eastern mystic? 3 March 19, 2020
How do you handle experiencing times of doubt? 3 March 19, 2020
Can you tell me more about the Defenders Apologetics Club you started at Grand Canyon University? 3 March 19, 2020
How do we deal with the issue of homosexuality in Asia? 3 March 14, 2020
As Christians, what are we do with the call to seek justice, but also to forgive seventy-times-seven? What are the implications for social justice? 4 March 14, 2020
Do you have any suggestions on how to undo the damage, especially how to help clarify to them the differences between biblical Christianity and Jehovah’s Witnesses, as this was the cult named most often 4 March 14, 2020
What is your advice for evangelizing Asian business and education professionals in China? 4 March 14, 2020
What do hear people say are their biggest obstacles in coming to faith in Jesus in Japan? 3 March 14, 2020
Is there any particular/specific common point of reference you use in reaching out to people or your audience while presenting the gospel message? 3 March 14, 2020
Can I use Google Translate to evangelize someone in Japanese? 4 March 14, 2020
Ask Matthew Mittelberg (March 9-13, 2020) 7 March 19, 2020
Ask Yutaro Kato (February 17-21, 2020) 11 March 14, 2020
How far would you reach out to a dying (unbeliever) person whether they are just a random or a close friend to witness for Christ? 3 February 17, 2020
Do I need an advanced degree in order to engage in apologetics and evangelism? 3 February 17, 2020
Has science disproved the literal interpretation of Genesis 1? 3 February 17, 2020
Should we think of ourselves as merely mortal beings if we truly believe that we are looking forward to living in eternity with God? 3 February 17, 2020
What advice do you give to those of us in faith-based education who work with Christian adolescents who hold this postmodern belief that their faith is only personal and not something to be shared with others? 3 February 17, 2020
I just want to ask where is the West heading now philosophically? 3 February 17, 2020
Do I have reason to doubt my salvation if I do not feel a burden to share my faith with the lost? 3 February 17, 2020
Although we can’t earn salvation through works, can we work ourselves out of salvation? 3 February 17, 2020
What does it mean to be "filled with the Holy Spirit?" Is speaking in tongues for today? 3 February 17, 2020
Ask Greg Koukl (February 10-14, 2020) 27 February 14, 2020
How should the modern church approach the Gifts of the Spirit in the form of prophecy, visions, and dreams? 3 February 7, 2020
When you are going through rough times what are some of the things you do to encourage yourself? 3 February 7, 2020