Daily Evangelism

Shame Storm by Helen Andrews (1)
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C.S. Lewis (18)
The proliferation of humankind beginning with just two (5)
What do you think of Graham Cooke? Is he biblically sound? (8)
Why did God reveal Himself as Father? And why is the relationship between God (the Father) and Jesus described as a Father-Son relationship? (3)
Gods will and love when bad things happen to "good" people (13)
My Question: Is it God who puts dreams in our hearts? (7)
How do you practice empathy? (2)
Early Christian Creeds and Their Importance for Apologetics: Part 4 - Nicene Creed Line 2 (1)
Almost 30 and Single ( 2 ) (24)
“War on Christmas “ response (5)
Forgiving and Healing (9)
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America's New Religions by Andrew Sullivan (3)
Did Jesus Die for Everyone? (9)
Sin in Heaven (20)
Anguish and shattered heart (5)
Hitler a Christian? (7)
God had to have acted to create within time, so how can he be eternal? (11)
Early Christian Creeds and Their Importance for Apologetics: Part 7 - Nicene Creed Lines 9-11 (The Holy Spirit) (4)
Philippians 4:7-8 (4)
A question of love (11)
Did Jesus create His own physical body? (8)
How to Reach Someone Who Doesn't Need a Savior? (3)
Philippians 4:5-6 (4)
Creation Ex Nihilo (3)
Is evil/sinful nature apart of our free will and if so why didn’t God just remove that evil/sinful nature that is sort of us? (8)
Why would a good God send someone to hell? ( 2 ) (32)