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A Checklist For A Good Response (20)

Hi friends, We want YOU to feel confident and good :sunglasses: about participating in discussions in RZIM Connect. We understand that in a forum filled with opportunities to ask questions of the RZIM speaking team and …

RZIM Academy Alumni: How To Access Your Alumni Section! (3)

Hi friends, The online home for the RZIM Academy Alumni is on Connect! The Academy Alumni home enables you to reconnect with old friends from your Academy experience, to meet new friends, and to access videos and other …

RZIM Connect: A Moderated Community (3)

Hi friends, To sustain a respectful and kind community environment, RZIM Connect is a moderated community. We’ve all seen the troubling comments and culture that can develop in unmoderated online spaces! To avoid that …

RZIM Connect: One Minute Overview Video (5)

Hi friends, Have you wondered how to share about RZIM Connect with your friends, family, ministry, or church? Problem solved! Here’s a one-minute overview video that you can use to tell people about RZIM Connect: P…

New User Guide: Overview (3)

Welcome! As a new user of RZIM Connect, we hope you will find this site intuitive and clearly structured. However, if you prefer to read ‘the user manual’ we hope this guide will help you feel comfortable navigating and…

RZIM Connect Mobile Apps! (3)

You can access RZIM Connect with our custom mobile apps! This makes it incredibly easy to read conversations, ask a question, and get notifications about new activity. You can download them at the iTunes and Google Pla…

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