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This forum is for discussing your questions about the Bible!

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Discuss your questions about science and Christianity.

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In this community, you can reach out to our Prayer and Resources Department for help with any inquiries you may have about RZIM. Our dedicated team takes special care to offer assistance with information about upcoming events at the Zacharias Institute, the online RZIM Academy, Wellspring projects, product details, podcasts, radio programming information, and general information about the ministry of RZIM. Please ask your questions here and our customer support team will be happy to help you.

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Japan Apologetics Community

This community space is for any and all who have an interest in sharing the gospel to Japanese people, whether in Japan or abroad, with gentleness and respect. It is a bilingual platform where you are welcome to share questions, answers, and resources. We look forward to fuelling your desire to reach every Japanese person with the transforming message of Jesus. Welcome to the conversation!

Apologistas Hispanos

Hola a todos. Estamos muy contentos de comenzar esta comunidad usando la tecnología. Esperamos que lo disfrutes. Por esta via podemos compartir experiencias, materiales, motivos de oración y animarnos mutuamente al llevar el Evangelio por toda América (Norte, Centro y Sur).