1 John1:7-8 Prayer


Dear Pray-ers
Sorry for jumping the gun on you but I am traveling all day tomorrow (Saturday) so am posting the prayer thread a day early.

Please refer to out lively discussion on prayer in the “What Exactly is Prayer” thread. I’ve learned so much from all who have participated. When we post, it is good to present our opinion honestly. However, we need (and I am speaking to myself here) to be listening and to learn from each other and not just be concerned about being heard. There is a reason that the Lord has made us all uniquely different. In the Body of Christ we see and can appreciate why that is.

Please Pray
~As mentioned, I am traveling to CA this week and will be with 2 of the 3 of my 7 children who I have asked that they would come to Jesus
~That my wife Nancy & I are effectively used with our other daughter out there as well as with her husband and 4 of our 23 grandchildren.
~That Nancy & I would receive a fresh touch from Jesus so as together love Him more.

Praise God
~That you are there and dear to me!


Hey all! I hope all are well.

Tim, I pray your visit with your children is a tremendous blessing. So many blessings – 7 children and 23 grandchildren!!

-My prayer continues to be for my blessings (two daughters and a soon to be son-in-law). That they come to know the peaceful presence and love of the living God.
-Prayer as I am considering and seeking new employment. So stressful to be considering this after so many years in my current job! But the company is struggling and has been for so long. We lose increases many years and we lose other benefits. I’ve worked hard for this company, but the older I get, I find I am more concerned for my own welfare! And now I find I am having to spend some of my own time learning new software, etc… I’ve lost the drive.
-Prayer for a co-workers brother as he is facing a 7 to 8 hour surgery very near to his eye to remove cancer. Prayer for him and for her as it seems she is his primary support. She is a believer.

Many blessings to each as we pray and lift one another’s cares before the Lord.


Hi brother Tim!

Praying for a safe journey and a time of blessing with your family.

A couple updates - Joel sends his thanks for all your prayers as he felt a supernatural peace of God on his first trial date last Monday. The outcome is not final yet but he continues to seek prayers. Secondly, my Dad had a brain surgery a couple months ago and it looked like he was recovering well but will need to go in for a 2nd brain surgery on Monday due to a recent complication.

Prayer request this week:

  1. Please pray for my Dad’s salvation and a smooth surgery.
  2. Pray for God’s will in Joel and Mary’s marriage, their second court date is Mar 11.
  3. Salvation for other family members- mom, sister, grandmother, parents in law.

Thank you so much!


Hey Sibs (As Billie calls us)

Let’s include praying for Ravi’s back this week, OK?

Also, I thank you ever so much for your updates Kelly and Lakshmi. I would like to hear how things are going for you Billie… And you Darlene, and you Donna, and you Jason, and you Suzanne and you Tabitha and you Sig and you Jason and you David and you Catherine and you Linda and you Leah and you Carol and you Sadie and you Lindsay and you Tara and on and on I could go (sorry to those I haven’t gotten to yet) but do know that, though I don’t know where things are at with you, when the Lord brings you in my life, I don’t send you out the back door but you are somewhere in my house still - I just don’t know where


Afternoon everyone,

Just to say thank you for your prayers I am feeling better in myself, our son still doesn’t have a diagnosis so he doesn’t get the full help from local education authority but his secondary school have been absolutely amazing with him. But we cannot access help because he’s not a diagnosis, he struggles sleeping. For instance last night he was cricket bowling in hall at 23:00 because he had to much energy still.


Dear All

David, I’m so sorry that you have such wild nights. You must feel like you are going crazy at times!

I want to enter a Praise:
As I mentioned, we are in CA visiting our children. One that I have asked prayer for is Kara, who is single but has a boyfriend. Last night we had dinner with his parents. They are such solid Christians and our time with them was like we were old friends. Nancy & I were encouraged that our daughter’s boyfriend comes from a solid Christian home… So Kara and her boyfriend both have a solid legacy. Praise God and thank you for prayer.

Kelly, I can’t wait for the crack of light to begin shining in your daughters lives. It will happen!


Thank you, Jesus, for being with David!

You have been much on my mind, David, when I pray for our RZIM sibs.
I wonder how you are doing. Thank you for the update.
You are carried in the bosom of our Gracious Saviour, like a tender young lamb.

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Hi Tim and fellow praying sibs,

Things are going well with us in warmth of the sun where we are.
My dear spouse is gaining strength with each week that passes.

This is such a healing place for us both.
We are enjoying the fellowship of believers here…(spending time in prayer on Sunday evenings. This past Sunday our little group had swollen to 7, :+1::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

We rejoice in the beauty of God’s creation…and we are thankful for how it satiates something deep within us.
We have opportunity to enjoy the cultural music and dance of the indigenous people. God has given such good gifts to all people. (The gifts and calling of God are without repentance.) The local people use their talents and we glorify God for the richness of those talents.
(Even now as I write, I can hear our neighbours playing instruments and singing. It is just part of life here.)

My prayer requests are for my children who are not in the Lord. Pray they would have an encounter with Jesus. A few of them follow the wisdom and ways of the world…and as a result, I can’t enjoy the intimacy with them that I long to experience.

I would ask that God would open their eyes to see the spirit of “gossip” and how it tears down…destroying closeness and genuine intimacy. I can’t share any of my true feelings because it becomes a “topic” between them…not in a positive way.

I would ask prayer for my natural sibling, whom my spouse and I have sought to bless …

In return, she has caused me much trouble in my family. She abuses her role as an aunt and usurps my role in relationship to my own children. She has caused me much hurt and is harming my adult children with her manipulative behaviour. I have tried to gently address my concerns, which in turn have been meet with a relational cut off. (She will hear no reproof or correction…no matter how gentle or respectful.)

Pray for me in this, because I need grace to bless those who despitefully use me…I need God’s grace to not render evil for evil. To not be angry and bitter in my heart toward my sister, for the damage she is doing (in her fallen nature and ignorance of Christ’s gospel.)

Pray for me, that I “would humble myself under the mighty hand of God” in these circumstances and “seek to love others…not seeking to be loved in return.”

May God give my adult children eyes to see…and open hearts… to the truth as it is in Jesus.

Lord, help me to forgive others their trespasses against me…


Aw Billie - I hear you. I will be praying for you. It sounds like others I am aware of as well. My siblings are not malicious but none of the 6 know Jesus.

Billie, may I ask where you are right now and I’m not even sure where you live. If you don’t wish to divulge, I understand but you have pricked my curiosity.

Sibs - Billie I love that term. I think you should write a book called “Sibs”. I love it!

I’m sorry, I forgot to remind us to pray for Ravi’s surgery on the 20th. Our brother really needs it and his recovery will be tough as well.

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