2020 super bowl half time show

I’ve seen, and partaken in, many discussions about the recent Super Bowl HT show where Shakira and J Lo performed.

As Christians, how should we interpret what was on display during that performance? Should we call out the flagrant over-sexualized dancing and scandalous outfits or should we simply see it as a performance by very skilled and talented people and recognize that that is just baked into the cake of the entertainment industry? Do we have an obligation to highlight aspects of the performance that were not family friendly, or do we simply let it go and focus on other matters?


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This is my own personal opinion, but the question of whether or not the halftime show was objectively immodest by Biblical standards might not even be the real issue. The reason I say that, is because I feel like when non-Christians see Christians making such a big deal about things like this, it seems really hypocritical to them and this is one of the reasons they don’t take Christianity seriously. I feel like Christendom has a lot of in-house cleaning to do in terms of living up to its own standards, in the spirit of Matthew 7:5, before harshly criticising relatively less serious issues. However, that’s just my initial reaction, I’m definitely open to hearing other opinions.

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I have only seen what has been shared on social media & news feeds. From what I have seen, it is pretty explicit. I realize that Christians are called out for hypocrisy all the time, however, as a woman I found the choreography, by a fellow kiwi no less, extremely hypocritical. For years women have been begging for change in society to be taken seriously as a gender, we ask to not be objectified, we rail against the sexualization of girls and women and then this. Christians may be hypocritical but we acknowledge our fallen state and struggles, but to blatantly ‘perform’ in this way I found demeaning to women everywhere and we lost years of hard work in reinstating our equality and standing. Having said that, it was in keeping with the spirit & morality of where we are right now in the ‘west.’ So yes, I think we can speak out against it but we have to be careful how, 1 Peter 3:15. . Of course, people will see us as backward and overly moralistic, however, I can’t help thinking the reason things have become so bad is because we stopped speaking.



I would say regardless of whether we look at this from a specifically biblical worldview, that even from a secular worldview this should be readily condemned, and that simply in virtue of it reducing the human person (in this case the female person) to a mere tool for the sake of appeasing unrestrained, male sexual appetites. So much seems rather obvious. This is a far cry from the once noble feminist longing for women to be seen as equals in areas of society like medicine, law, engineering, and science.

I think it is absolutely right therefore to call this out for exactly what it is, and not out of some kind of prudery, but simply out of moral obligation toward the value and dignity of women. I think it is becoming more evident that the hypersexualization of our culture is one of the fundamental driving forces behind all other kinds of societal problems: medical problems, mental health problems, socio-economic problems, etc.

That said, what this kind of display promotes to children is morally shameful, psychologically confusing, and, as such, borderline abusive. It offers nothing to our youth that suggests that their inner life matters as much, or more, than their physical appearance, and their sexuality. And to think all of this at a time when the culture is still recovering from the scandals of the #metoo movement!

In the end, this kind of ideological confusion about sex and gender basically plays right into the hands of evil and wicked men. Sure it may make some women like J-Lo and Shakira rich, but I wonder deep down how happy they are that they have to continually present themselves in this manner.

J-Lo and Shakira may be very talented in one sense, but these performances are driven primarily to appease the sexual lusts of unrestrained men, something that woman are constantly struggling against anyway. So much should be obvious to everyone, Christian and non-believer alike. In sum, I say we must speak out, and speak out boldly. Just as many (but not all) early Christians spoke out against the Roman circus and the gladiatorial displays, so too we must not fear doing the same.

in Christ,

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Thanks for the responses guys, really appreciate it. Here’s my view of it and it’s straight from our commander and cheif, Christ himself:

One day Jesus said to his disciples, “There will always be temptations to sin, but what sorrow awaits the person who does the tempting! It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin.
Luke 17:1-2 - https://www.biblegateway.com/passage?search=Luke%2017:1-2&version=NLT