3 Days: Is not 49 hours enough to

Hi everyone!
Sorry I’ve been unable to visit lately. I miss all of the awesome posts from a lot of amazing people! :smile:
Anyway, I was reading something that made me think of a paradigm-shifty sort of concept that I’ve seen many people question often, and that is the question of whether or not Jesus was really dead for 3 days.
When teaching fractions in grade school–especially as a new, first-time concept–the use of pieces of pie(s) is, I think, an excellent way to get the idea across to the students. So: keeping this in mind, on a back burner for a moment, we can all agree that 48 hours is 2 days. At least, here on Earth. :laughing: And so coming back to the pies again, if we had 2 full pies, and then another tiny sliver of a slice, it would have to have come from another, 3rd pie right? Well, even if it was 49 hours, (please understand that I am not at all saying that I think it was, I am just saying that even if it was, hypothetically) it would have to now be considered Day 3…right?
I am writing to you all right after this occurred to me because I respect many of you (and I feel confident enough in this site that I can share with many of you that I have never yet had the pleasure of talking to) and I wanted to see what others think about this.
Thank you in advance for your input and I will be back in touch soon.
In Christ,
Michael Carcieri

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Well, @MichaelTheGamer - many people do accept what you’ve articulated as what the New Testament means by Jesus being dead for three days. Their view is that any part of a day counts as a day. This has been the historic position of Christendom for many centuries.

But in recent generations, some people have taken Jesus’ statement in Matthew 12:40 to require that He be in the grave at least some part of three days and three nights - a challenge to the traditional view.

Of course, there is the issue of Him being crucified before the Sabbath. But John 19:31 seems to deal with that to their satisfaction. To see this explained, I would direct you to:

Numerical Errors in the Old Testament? How Can I Trust the Bible?

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