4 Big Bangs - Videos from PragerU

(Matt Western) #1

I stumbled upon PragerU videos a number of years ago, which are mostly right wing political videos - not the topic of this forum. I did find recently they now have a Religion/Philosophy channel, and watched one which sparked my interest. The video " Does God Exist? 4 New Arguments" suggests there are 4 so called Big Bangs - leaps forward which are not explained by secularism.

  • Cosmological (Creation)
  • Biological (Life from Non Life)
  • Anthropological (Humans different than Animals)
  • Psychological (Humans ability to reason, reflect, be self-aware, and ask Why questions)

Any thoughts on if this has merit to discuss or share with agnostics? I’m interested in videos for young agnostics that hopefully with get them to think (young being 15-25 who may have an interest sparked by these short format videos)

The videos have had a large number of views, so somebody is watching them and being influenced by them. :slight_smile: On their website it says that 65% are viewers under the age of 35.

A mild concern I do have in using or referencing these videos would be the association with right wing conservative politics. I only look at America political culture from the outside, through the distorted lens of our obviously left-wing main stream media here in Australia. :slight_smile:

Do you think that it would be wise or unwise to use these when sharing about the message of Jesus as a starting point to get people to think? It is good that there is a philosophy/religion channel here - people interested in politics, may then watch videos about the real and important questions of life.

(SeanO) #2

@matthew.western What is the main difference between the anthropological and the psychological? Is one about human culture (music, jewelry, etc) and the other about human capacity to reason?

I did not have time to watch the videos, but I have heard those four arguments used by Hugh Ross and Fazale Rana as well. Here are some quotes I like:

archeological record displays something other than a gradual evolutionary emergence of human culture. Rather, the record’s defining characteristic is a veritable explosion of civilization. This eruption is considered anthropology’s “big bang.” Who Was Adam, Fazale Rana

The features that distinguish people from other primates include (1) bipedalism—the ability to walk erect; (2) a large brain; (3) a large ratio of brain size to body mass; (4) unique skull features—a short face, characteristic jaw robustness, distinguishing anterior and cheek teeth anatomy, and tooth eruption patterns; (5) characteristic body proportions, including relatively long legs and short arms; (6) limited sexual dimorphism—little size difference between females and males; (7) extensive manual dexterity; and (8) an advanced culture. Who Was Adam, Fazale Rana

(Anthony Costello ) #3


Prager has had a lot of success with these short videos. Here in the US they are sort of “counter-cultural” since, at least in my opinion, the media here tends to be dominated by leftist political thought and rhetoric. However, Prager himself is a devout, orthodox Jew and has even done events together with Ravi.

He is a big defender of classical theism and much beloved by most, but certainly not all, Evangelicals. I listen to him a lot on the radio, and while I obviously disagree with him on certain theological issues, I think what he offers is both genuine and, I’d say, pretty much correct.

That said, I think the videos are a good tool for a sort of “pre-evangelism,” i.e. as means to make people more open to the plausibility of Christianity. If, however, you are worried about the Prager U videos being seen as too closely connected to someone who is more of political commentator, I would suggest using the work of Willam Lane Craig who has similar videos that you could freely appropriate for your audience. Here is a link to just one of his videos on the Kalam Cosmological Argument:

Hope that helps,


(Matt Western) #4

Thankyou both @SeanO and @anthony.costello that’s great. I’ll go and do a little reading first before using the videos to familiarize myself with the arguments. That way if a conversation leads somewhere then I’m prepared for it a little.

Thanks again much appreciated.

(Jimmy Sellers) #5

“It is doubtful that the Mahatma would have succeeded except that he was appealing to the conscience of a Christianized people.” Bertrand Russell;

What a great line. :grinning:

Note: this a quote of Ravi from the video.