5 paradoxes

I missed the list of the 5 paradoxes about being human…could someone post them here? That was an exceptional message. Thank you!

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Hey @otolabe ! I really enjoyed hearing from Dr. Samuel too and was able to scribble down the 5 paradoxes. Here they are:

  • Autonomous but submissive
  • Compassionate but resilient
  • Rational yet mystical
  • Dignified yet meek
  • Crucified yet immortal

Also, you can still listen to his talk again by revisiting the GAC watch page. The Day 1 video is still posted there and Dr. Samuel’s talk starts at 1:57:33. Hope this is helpful :slight_smile:


Me too@ thx

Thanks @KatieWatson!

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I’m wondering what exactly he meant by ‘mystical’?

I think he meant that he was open to the mystery and the supernatural. That for him being intellectual didn’t reduce life to mere propositions or close the door in front of anything that is metaphysical.

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