9 Rules From Chris Pratt

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

First, check out this video from Chris Pratt:

To my ear, the mix of humor, bathroom jokes, and God-talk seemed to make it go over well. For his audience, it made him seem relatable and likable. And I think this gave him an opening to share some hints and clues about the reality of God, our souls, our imperfection, and even receiving grace that “was paid for with somebody else’s blood”.

Some questions…

  • What do you learn from his example?
  • How could you start a conversation with a friend about his acceptance message?
  • How does his courage inspire you to share your faith?

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

From the clip I saw, I truly appreciated how AND that he did it the way he did. He expressed that humanity is universally broken (imperfect) and that that imperfection (or sin) was paid for, and that if you admit your imperfection and appreciate the One who paid for it…yeah…THAT’S essentially the Gospel in a nutshell.

I also liked that you @CarsonWeitnauer qualified your praise a bit by saying, “his audience”. I’ve been hearing a lot of critique from Christians about the fact that he never said the name “Jesus” or “Christ”, etc. Maybe it coulda been more clear, specific, added a word, deleted a word, used a different word, etc. I know I’ve come away from evangelistic conversations and opportunities wishing that I’d said this or that better. But knowing that God’s truth and love were expressed gave me relief. His acceptance piece expressed just that! Do your part…let God change the heart. What do others think?

(Michele Schuman) #3

@WarnerMiller I agree wholeheartedly! He spoke to his audience who likes him. If you are not a Chris Pratt fan, you may not have liked his speech. What he did is start a conversation. He also made it easy to start a conversation with others. He spoke the truth and left others curious.

Pray for Chris as he will now be a target by satan since so many will be watching to see if he lives out his faith.

(Charles White) #4

Funny. Truth. Conversation starter. I like Chris Pratt, I like what he said; it will start good conversations. :+1:t5::+1:t5:

(Duane Enos) #5

Not many people could address that audience and talk about God in the way he did.

(Brittany Bowman) #6

@CarsonWeitnauer Thanks for sharing, as I hadn’t heard. I have enjoyed following the social and mass media coverage now. Interestingly, media outlets tend to be split between directly referencing the name God and simply calling his speech “religious.” Pretty even split amongst private social media conversations I came across, too. Pratt gave us an awesome baton in the relay of evangelism, and he ingeniously spoke in a way that would generate a lot of candid conversation while also getting some key points past a public culture that would normally filter them out. Now it’s up to us to boldly continue to boldly continue to tie in the name of Christ and God to keep the conversations (and social media analytics) going!

I loved his number 4 rule, “When giving a dog medicine, put the medicine in a little piece of hamburger and they won’t even know they’re eating medicine.” Reminded me Connect thread, “Conversations on the meaning of life.”

(Tim Behan) #7

@Brittany_Bowman1 Just quickly… loving your line “an awesome baton in the relay of evangelism”… priceless. :slight_smile: Totally agree with the rest of what you said; but really just loved the baton thing.

(Tim Behan) #8

As a comment to the whole, and thank you @CarsonWeitnauer for bringing it up, I really loved someone seeing on a platform that large (not physically large, I’m guessing you know what I mean) putting some real food for thought out there. He wasn’t overtly “in your face” which may have had repercussions and yet he didn’t go to the other extreme of pandering just to win the crowd. I think he will have opened up a number of conversations and even if he only opened up one conversation and it leads somewhere, then it was worth it.

Well done to him, also, for stating outright that we’re not all perfect. May we all see the truth of that and respond appropriately.

Good on him. Will be bringing it up in the office to see if I can get something going.

(Melvin Greene) #9

Thanks for posting this video, @CarsonWeitnauer. I’ve always been a Chris Pratt fan. I’ve heard rumors that he was a Christian, but I am always cautious until I hear it from the “horse’s mouth”. A couple of things impressed me about Chris Pratt’s speech. First, he had the guts to express his faith in an overwhelming hostile environment. Hollywood is so skewed against Christianity. Chris risks being blackballed by the Hollywood elite. Second, is that Chris spoke in a way that resonates with his audience. No, he didn’t mention Jesus, but I believe he said enough to get conversations started. I also liked what @Brittany_Bowman1 said about the “awesome baton in the relay of evangelism”. A lot of the times, that is how it is. Someone starts the conversation and then someone else brings it home. Chris Pratt is a big enough actor that what he says carries a lot of weight with his fans. I pray that God will protect him from the enemy and that he will continue to give Chris a platform in which to spread the gospel.

(Prashanth Daniel) #10

Glad to post here after a long time!

I’ve been reading news of Chris Pratt on and off in the news and was greatly encouraged to see the boldness with which he wears his faith. This is hard to do especially in an industry like Hollywood. Thats why this is more than a mere ‘boldness’ issue but also a matter of ‘stewardship’ - Pratt intentionally using his ‘A-list’ status to speak truths to the secular culture that follow him. For a generation that looks to pop-culture for inspiration, I pray that those who actually enjoy Pratt take his words to heart.