(a belated) Introduction: Warner Miller


(Warner Joseph Miller) #1

Hey there, everyone! So, I realized that I never properly and OFFICIALLY introduced myself. My name is Warner and I’m a professional actor based out of New York City, USA! I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY where I currently live and am a fairly recent (2015) graduate of the OCCA program (Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics) at Oxford University where I studied Christian apologetics under the leadership of Ravi Zacharias and instruction of much of the international RZIM speaking team. Currently, I also serve as a youth minister at my fellowship here in Brooklyn as well as speak in other venues about the gospel & evangelism, the uniqueness of Christ, Christian apologetics, Christ in culture and racial reconciliation & engagement specifically within and from the Christo-centric context – among other topics. I’m also getting married in a couple of months!

I’m really excited to serve and be apart of this community! Thanks, so much, for the warm welcomes! Love and more love…grace and truth.:v:t6:

A slice of my testimony —> https://www.tbn.org/programs/watch/slice-607

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Warner,

I am excited to have you join the Connect community! As we prayed about adding moderators to the community, we asked God to lead the process and work out the details according to his plan. As I spoke to people who were familiar with the OCCA graduates, the consistent word regarding you was “highly recommended.” I can see why from the incredible insights you have but also the brilliant way you share those thoughts from not just your mind but your heart.

I loved the clip of you sharing your testimony on TV! Also, I have to promo your interview with Lisa Fields of the Jude 3 Project:

Thank you for joining in and investing your talent and time into the community as we grow together to maturity in Christ.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #3

Hello there, @WarnerMiller. I’m excited to hear that you’re getting married in a couple of months! Congratulations! I appreciate you in being part of this community. It’s amazing to know that you’re a professional actor. I’m not familiar with the industry myself, and it would be nice to learn from someone who is part of it. Anyway, welcome to Connect! I look forward to grow with you here. :slight_smile:

(Warner Joseph Miller) #4

Thank you, my brother!:+1:t6: