A Different Way of Sharing Jesus!

(Mary L.Boctor) #1

Hello Everyone,

May I ask if any of you have watched the Movie " The Encounter" 2010 before? I have just finished watching it & I LOVED it!
It was so authentic and heart-touching for me! I most certainly wished I had found it way back when I first started searching for answers, & trying to figure out who Jesus was for me!

I wonder what do you think of presenting the Gospel message &the person of Jesus Christ, by recommending such a movie ?

We’re always trying to talk about & present Jesus as a personal God & saviour, yet, oftentimes it’s so hard for people to really see Him as such; especially through the lens of past disappointments, failures and many unanswered questions. I know that was the case for me. Back then, I remember how the pain I experienced growing up was blinding, and all the cynicism that colored my view of the God of the Bible kept me from seeing Jesus for who He really is!

So, maybe including this movie or similar ones would aid address this distorted conception of Jesus, or at least, would help someone start thinking about God, in a personal way, approximating the idea of a God who came in flesh, walked this Earth, shared in our experience & not just some distant, disengaged, uncaring deity. That, I think, can be somehow eye-opening!

Also, I’d really like if you would recommend any other similar movies, TV series, or shows!


(SeanO) #2

Hey @Mary.boctor, I think using media to share our faith is a great way of helping people connect to Jesus! I am of the opinion that media works best when we are able to watch it with those we are witnessing to or at least follow up with them to process it together with the guidance of God’s Spirit. Here are three of my favorite resources for making Christ personal through media.

‘I Am Second’ has a lot of great testimonies from people who have encountered Christ in a personal way.


Here is my favorite rendition of the Gospel of John - I very much enjoyed this portrayal of Christ - the boldness and the sincerity are palpable and draw you into the story of the Gospel.

And, of course, I think the Bible Project is great - because it offers a fun way to understand Biblical concepts that can help people grasp who God is and what He has offered in Christ. And I think knowing that story is so crucial to really connecting with Jesus.

Looking forward to resources that others share!

(Mary L.Boctor) #3

Hey Sean! Thank you for your reply & these helpful resources!
I have watched “I AM SECOND” a lot when I first came to Christ! It helped to a great degree , remove all the wrong filters I was viewing God through!

And I do fully agree with you about the importance of following up and processing the content together afterwards. This would be helpful in clarifying any misconceptions & answering any questions that may have been stirred up!

What I liked about the movie " The Encounter" was that the acting was pretty decent; especially the actor who portrayed Jesus. He has done a wonderful job!
People often accuse Christian Film Industry of being too “cliche” or “stupid”! This is why I think we need to constantly be developing our content in order for people to see this isn’t truly the case!

(SeanO) #4

@Mary.boctor Yes - well made Christian films that teach sound Christian theology are unfortunately a rarity. I am glad that ‘The Encounter’ ministered to you and may the Lord use it in many others lives!

(Jacob Cheriyan) #5

Yeah I love the Bible project. Their word studies and summarising of the books are so helpful. A great resource for Christians for their personal studies as well as to share with those who want to know about Jesus and the Bible.

(sandycathcart) #6

Thanks for sharing this!

(Mary L.Boctor) #7

Hey, Everyone :blush:
I found some another great faith-based movie!
‘The Perfect Stranger’ (2005)
Though it kinda follows the same plot line as ‘The Encounter’, the acting was also pretty decent and the message was engaging!
So, I thought that was worth sharing :blush: