A good fellowship/church in Amsterdam?

Hi Everyone.

I have been ministering to a friend who has come out of some terrible word faith doctrines.
We live in Western Australia. He has now moved to Amsterdam.
ANy idea how I find a sound solid church that has solid expositional gospel preaching that is biblical and proclaims our glorious saviour in Amsterdam?
Where do I even begin to start looking ?

In Christ


I am reaching out to my connections now for you.


Thanks so much Brian. Really appreciate you taking the time,


Hi @Carmelo. I am grateful that @brianlalor may be able to help you. I will lift you up in prayer :pray:t3: Please keep us posted.


Thankyou sister,
Its wondeful to know that others who care are praying.

For our Lords Glory
Carmelo from Margaret River, Western Australia.

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Welcome to Connect, @Carmelo! It’s good to have you with us. I was just in your lovely ‘neck of the woods’ back in November for a good friend’s wedding, and I LOVED it. It was my first journey to Oz, and it definitely wasn’t long enough!

You mentioned wanting to point you friend to a church with ‘solid expositional preaching’, and I did a quick search of a couple of church networks that I know of that would have churches of that ilk in it. Would this church need to be English-speaking?

City to City Europe (linked to Redeemer Pres. out of NYC) has a fair number of churches linked on their website. This may be a good place to start. Will post others if I come across them! :slight_smile:

Hi Carmelo! @Carmelo
I am not familiar with Holland and the church family opportunities there- however, I’m sure someone here would be able to help!
I wonder if he searched Facebook groups for churches in Holland or checked out church websites for doctrinal/mission statements before visiting?..
I may be naive to the situation in Holland- but here in the US, that’s the method I’d use to start a search.
Prayers for him to find a Bible believing church! :pray:

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Welcome to connect @Carmelo. I just prayed for your brother. I trust answers to your query will be forthcoming. I love your heart for your brother and am confident that the Lord will care for him. Keep us posted on the progress if you would be so kind. Thanks for coming alongside us. And, God-bless you and your journey.


Yes English speaking if possible.

I am so time poor at the moment - hence my rude, quick reply.

I look forward to checking out the link you sent me.

In Christ

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@Carmelo my Dutch pastor friend got back to me and recommended:

Crossroads in Amstelveen