A new look at the Fruits of the Spirit

God pressed on me to look at the Fruits of the Spirit in these trying times. I do not at all mean to say these words are on par with the Bible, but perhaps they can make the Fruits of the Spirit speak to us in a fresh way.

I did some analytics and looked at different lexicons of the Greek for the verses talking about the fruits of the Spirit and this is what I came up with. First, of course, I will share the verses in their original context.

Galatians 5:22, 23
22 But the fruit of the Ruach is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, and self-control—against such things there is no law.

And now here is what I came up with. Let me know what you think!

Fruits of the Spirit:

Do love and kindness to others
Show joy and goodness with your emotions

Be peaceful with others and faithful to God
Exercise patience with yourself and gentleness to others

If you do only this, you will have self-control and be a law abiding citizen


Ah - you’ve been meditating! That’s very good @Jesse_Means_God_Exists. And I like the literary way that you paired those.

You may also find this interesting - the end of that verse actually opens the descriptions of spiritual fruit up to far more than nine - against such there is no law. That word “such” includes things like:

Praise and thanksgiving - Hebrews 13:15

Charitable offerings - Romans 15:28 and Philippians 4:16-18

Converts to Christ - Romans 1:13 and John 4:35-39

Holy living - Philippians 1:11

Answered prayer - John 15:7-8

In fact, I’d put it this way: spiritual fruit is absolutely anything that is different about your life because you came to Christ! Wherever your life would be now had you stayed on the broad road versus where it is since you started on the narrow, it’s all the fruit of the Spirit at work in your life!

Keep up the good meditating, brother!


Jesse, I love this! The fruits of the Spirit…it’s as simple as that. What a wonderful gift we receive, and if we aren’t sure if we are living right, we can just take a look at that list and see how we are doing. That list right there is a sermon all its own. Thank you so much for sharing your meditation! :smile:


I did a teaching on General Christian Ministry that looked at steps of Christian Development. It was done in response to a friend that was under the mistaken belief that you had to be Church ordained to ministry. I did a study and found that the following general ministries are given to every Christian by command. I also found that while all the ministries are commanded there is an order to them that is iterative as we grow in Christ. That is when you get to the last Ministry that of Sharing the Fruit of the Spirit you return and begin the process all over but this time building on what you have learned. Here are the general ministries I found in Scripture and in their order of priority. Note priority here does not make one ministry higher than another as they are all equal but rather each is a step to building your Christian Life.

  1. You have a Ministry to God: that is Worship and Praise and this is shared by all creation both animate and inanimate. This ministry is required for the next step
  2. You have Ministry to Self: that is Seeking intimacy with God by which you become one with God through His Son Jesus Christ. This ministry is required for the next step
  3. You have Ministry to Family: It is in this ministry that you learn the meaning of Love in all its forms to the glory of God. This ministry is required for the next step.
  4. You have Ministry to The Church: Using the Gifts of the Spirit and your specific Gifting to help build up the Body of Christ. You learn to use your Gifts properly as well. And this takes us to the final step.
  5. You have Ministry to The World: Sharing the Fruit of the Spirit to bring persons to a knowledge of Who God is and Who they are so that they might seek God. We draw people to Christ through this ministry not only those of the world but within the Church as well.

Thought you might enjoy this concept in light of your interest in the Fruit of the Spirit


Thanks, never really considered this.

Part of my spiritual gifting is evangelism. My pastor says, “You are excellent at sharing what you have been studying in the Word with others”.

Of course I cannot take credit for this, after all, these are gifts, not actually earned. Any good I do does not come from me, but comes from Jesus who sent me, just as the Father sent Him.

Humbly though, I do not consider myself someone “of great importance”, far from it. If God can use me, He can use anyone. Seek and find. That is the main thing in all this.

I think the same way you do. Anything I do or share that is good is a gift from God to those around me. The struggle is keeping SELF out of it.

I could not agree more!

We are all selfish and despicable people. The mouth of man is a deceiver. On the other hand, Jesus does not require us to be perfect, but he does require us to be faithful, and that is all the difference.