A Poem for Ravi #ThankYouRavi

To live is Christ, to die is gain

Death, for those in Christ reunites us with our savior

It aches in the hearts of those who stay,

It’s the quintessence of joy for those who leave

Eyes are filled with tears, prayers are filled with hope

Hope that one day in glory, our tears fade away in beauty

Hush hush you heavy cries,

Can’t you hear the jolly sound emanating from heaven’s gates

The astounding melody of a life lived for Christ fully

Soon receiving the crown, for which you so long hoped for

As for me dear friend,

I will remember this not as an end,

But the beginning of what you prayed for me to carry on,

To cherish the love that spilled from the cross

And share it with every soul we are given to free

I will Sing praises, I will be joyful in hope

Because you fought the good fight, you kept the faith

That’s why all you did, will forever remain


Hello @Marina.Koniakine What a lovely tribute. I know this will be a blessing to Ravi’s wife and family.

I, along with many others, welcome you to the Connect community. We are grateful you have joined us.

We welcome the chance to get to know you better and dialogue further. If you have any questions or we can serve you in any way, please let us know.

Thank you again for the creativity, love and thought that you put into such a beautiful poem.

Mary Beth


This was really touching. Glad to have connected with you here. God bless you.


Welcome to connect @Marina.Koniakine. That was beautiful. Thank you for your tribute. Knowing that the fight needs to continue I hope that you are able to join. Encouraging members who are struggling would be a great start. And, enjoying and engaging in the discussions here with your poetic talent will be very much appreciated. God-bless you and your journey.


Amen :heart: