A Relationship with God that Casts out Fear (Chapter 8)

This week’s episode of Cover to Cover was a special blessing to me. I struggle with fear, and I could relate to everything Shawn and Ivy said. Knowing the truth intellectually is not enough to dispel my fear. As Ivy commented,

My resistance to Jesus and the gospel taking me over fully, those little areas where I’m still fighting or I still try to assert my own control—none of them are intellectual doubts for me. None of them are places where I haven’t assented to the truth of the gospel. It all comes down to a lack of relational trust and a lack of personal assurance that God really is going to be who He says He is.

  • How can we grow in our relational trust of God?
  • What habits or activities help you most as you strive to draw near to Him?
  • How has God shown Himself faithful and good in your life?