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A Reminder that Love Never Fails

In today’s Take Five, Lara Buchanan gives us a simple reminder that, during COVID-19, when we’ve experienced the fragility of human life and feel exposed with little control over life’s circumstances, God’s love is permanent; despite all that can change, God’s love never fails.

When we’re faced with inordinately and overwhelmingly terrible circumstances, when bombs are falling everywhere, where it feels like nowhere is safe, we cry out for something permanent, something that won’t fail us.

I think many of us have felt that sort of frailty in this moment. Whether we feel like the ground beneath us could give way, or something could fall on us and crush us, or whether it’s just us who will stumble and fall. That sense of fragility is common, especially now.

Certainly, human love, sadly, often does fail, time and again, but there is a love that won’t fail us; there is a love that will never let us down, or let us go.

Make it Personal

  • Amidst the frailty and uncertainty of the past few months, have you found rest and reassurance in the love of God, which never fails?

  • Have you had an opportunity to share of God’s unfailing love to someone who needs it during this time?


God has shown Himself to me in a deeper way this season. I know God is always here. But emotions can take a toll on one who is unconsciously dependable on emotions to carry them through these difficult times. Because of God’s unfailing and faithful love, He has showed me that He is Who He says He is and wants me to partake of Who He is, regardless of how I feel especially during these times. I am so thankful God does not conform to how we, as finite humanity with finite minds, view Him as sometimes. Yet, He in His infinite love, reveals Himself to us in the language our individual souls need.

During this pandemic, He has allowed me to see where my place is. As I tend to be one who wants to “fix things”, He has showed me the simple yet deep aspect of restful faithfulness and consistent investment. Whether that be messaging someone who might need an encouraging word, or whether it is sharing thoughts of little gems from my personal devotions to a friend who I know is in a similar boat.

For our God has been a faithful God since before creation, is a faithful God to His creation, and will be a faithful God Beyond time! What Love!



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