Aaron Böker

Hi guys,

my name is Aaron, and I’m from Germany.
I habe just finished the basic course, and I really enjoyed it.
Through joining Connect, I hope to read some of your answers to difficult questions and stay in touch with Christians who also have apologetics on their heart.


@aaron.boeker, that’s the heart of this community!

What did you find most helpful from the RZIM Academy’s core module?

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Hallo Aaron! Freu mich, dass du dich bei Connect angemeldet hast.

Me, too :+1: About a year ago I also completed the Core Module. It was really a very special experience for me. Since then I’ve been active in this forum and I’m still overwhelmed by the many well-founded posts and honest answers that you can find here. Wish that Connect will be a blessing to you as it was to me.