Aaron Watt

Hello everyone! My name is from Aaron and I am from Hampden, ME. Our Lord saved me 9 years ago. Apologetics helped me to have the intellectual conversion that eventually led to my salvation. I have returned to school recently, and I am also recently married! I am in construction by trade.

I led an addiction recovery ministry for about 8 years and have served in other roles in the church. I am excited to be part of the RZIM connect family. I got connected with the system while attending the 2 day conference yesterday and the day before (May 2019.) As amazing as the teachings all were, I am hungry to continue connecting with the RZIM community. The spiritual refreshing in the Lord was a life changing surprise. I hope to contribute by reaching out to others and I’m excited to see what the Lord brings from it!


Welcome aboard @aaronwatt. Sound like you have plenty on your plate. I trust this community will be helpful and also a respite for peace. God bless you. I look forward to reading your posts.

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Thanks Keldon! Same to you.


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Hello @aaronwatt, welcome to connect. I thank God that you were saved from your addiction and giving back to help others is such a wonderful thing to do. Glad you are here :heart:


Aaron, I am glad you are a part of this experience. I am encouraged and educated by the people that participate. Praise God for His work in all of us! I am constantly amazed at the common working of the Spirit in such a diversity of people. I look forward to walking with you through a topic sometime.


@aaronwatt welcome to connect. I also have been saved for 9 years now. Yeshua delivered me from addiction, so I very much appreciate people working in that ministry. I also have a busted back from laying concrete :pick: and doing demolition work. I hope you are staying strong and safe on the sites! I am looking forward to learning with you.


Hi Aaron! @aaronwatt

Welcome to Connect. Congrats on your being newly married! That, along with returning to school, and becoming a Believer 9 years ago- sounds like God is on the move in your life :relaxed:

So glad you’ve joined us- looking forward to hearing from you in the forums!