Aaron's Testimony

I was pointed to Jesus at an early age and learned about Him through many who lived their their faith well. Scripture became real to me through study. I love His word.
I thank Him for saving me and my desire is to serve Him.



Aaron, thank you for sharing with us how you have learned to love the scripture and your thankfulness for being saved. It is indeed a wonderful thing and a blessing to know how much we are loved by our Lord! God bless you brother! :blush:

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Hi Mr. Aaron !

What a blessing you were given role models in our Lord early in your life. There is no desire greater than to serve our Lord. Thank you for sharing the thoughts of your heart and it’s a pleasure that you are here with us on connect.

It’s funny. At first glance I thought your profile read aerospace… must be past my bedtime!


Aaron It is a blessing when we are mentored early in our lives. This is good food for thought on how can we minister to the youth in our lives, as it shapes our cultures future. Thanks for sharing