Abdu Murray speaking @ Skeptics Night

(LaTricia J.) #1

RZIM live stream of @Abdu_Murray speaking at Skeptics Night at CCV So Cal. If you can’t watch it live, you’ll still be able to watch the video later through the link or possible on the RZIM YouTube. I’ll double back and check YT tomorrow and post the link if it’s there.

(LaTricia J.) #2

For those who aren’t on Facebook, here is the YouTube video from last night’s engagement.

(Billie Corbett) #3

Watched this late last evening. Thank you, Abdu.
Praise God for what He is doing in your life.
I have two muslim, Palestian son in laws, whom I would dearly love to come to faith in Jesus.
Time with them is limited and they are not really open to discussing their faith.
Any suggestions? Other than praying that they would encounter Jesus in their lives through other means than me trying to converse with them?

(LaTricia J.) #4

I hope the talk proved beneficial for you @Billie. I’m not sure if @Abdu_Murray will be able to respond, but I did tag him just in case he is able to respond to your questions. Also, maybe some others from our community can chime in to make suggestions on how to open up dialogue with your sons-in-law.

(Billie Corbett) #5

Thank you. I appreciate your response.

Prayer throughout the body of Christ for these young men would be deeply appreciated. God has brought them across the world to a family where the parents are life long believers in the Word of God and in the Living Word, Jesus. It is my sincere hope, this mercy in their lives, (to escape the hopeless conflict in the Palestian territory) and to be included in a family that sincerely loves Jesus, would be to the end of their salvation in Christ.

(Simon Grattan) #6

Thanks for your openness here Billie and be assured of my prayers…often the best initial way for others to see and experience Jesus in their lives is through the example of those who engage with them and show them his love, compassion, grace and mercy in action before their eyes. We all know that this is more impactful than dialogue on so many occasions but rather can lead to it when there are those who are reluctant to start into a discussion or debate on what/why they believe. Keep praying, keep trusting and keep showing God’s love, God bless you and your family…

(Billie Corbett) #7

Thank you. Your prayers and words are comforting.
What you said is very true.

(LaTricia J.) #8

@Billie, I would also like to echo @simong in that you and your family modeling the love and care of Christ can go a very long way with your sons-in-law. In reality, they are now your sons as by way of marriage, there is a level of parental tie there because of this. This is the perfect opportunity to build a relationship with them and to gentle approach such topics as cultural differences and religion. They can also be invited to church or other religious functions. You can also encourage your daughters in their faith as well.

Below you will find some links to other discussion in Connect that you may find helpful in your effort to understand your sons-in-law, their birth culture, and their religion.

I also recommend the Islam Elective if you have already taken the Core Module (it’s a prerequisite). I’ve taken it and it has proven to remain beneficial.


Hope all of these are a helpful start. Please utilize Connect as needed along the way whenever you have questions and or need feedback.

(Billie Corbett) #9

Thank you, LaTricia…

Very encouraging. I will look into your suggestion.
I am curious, do these core modules cost money?

(Simon Grattan) #10

Hi Billie, have a look here (http://rzimacademy.org/courses/core-module/) for more details and yes there is a cost but if that is an issue there are scholarships available. It’s a great resource and there is a lot of information packed in but plenty of guide notes etc with it to help the process.
Happy reading!

(LaTricia J.) #11

@Billie, @simong is correct, there are scholarships available. Also, too, you can ask if your church would be willing to help you cover the cost of tuition for the courses offered through RZIM. I was able to receive assistance from the church I was attending when I took my first course through RZIM. :slight_smile:

(Cameron Kufner) #12

Billie, my prayers will be with you. Have you heard of the recent conversions in the Islamic world? There are a lot of Muslims converting to Christianity because they say Jesus visits them and reveals himself in dreams. I can only hope, and pray, that Jesus is willing to reveal himself to your relatives in the same way. I think the best advice I can give is to cling to Jesus, have faith that he can do a miracle with your relatives and that they come to the knowledge and saving grace of Jesus Christ. I recommend, besides listening to Abdu Murray, listen to Nabeel Qureshi, who has gone home to be with the Lord. Also, check out David Wood on YouTube (Acts17Apologetics). He is another great apologist who really gives some of the best arguments against Islam. If you are willing, I can send you some of my research that I have done personally on Islam and show you some of the best ways to defend Christianity with those who may be Muslim. God bless!

(Billie Corbett) #13

Hello Cameron,

Thank you for your kind response.
I have heard of Muslim’s being brought to faith in Christ through visions and dreams.
Funny you mentioned this though, because recently I have started praying for this type of thing to happen in the lives of with my Muslim son-in-laws. :blush:
(Especially, since it seems so impossible for them would come to Jesus…when they have no opportunity to hear His Word. Other than an occasional reference through my conversation with them when it’s related to my own faith.)

Yes, I am aware of Nabeel Queshi and David Wood. I followed Nabeel’s you tube videos right up until his death. I read his book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, which was fabulous. While I am so grateful that God used David in the way He did with Nabeel…the material I’ve watched of David’s regarding responding to Islamic teachings has come across to me as being a bit harsh and disrespectful in tone.
Humour so called, can often be a subtle cover for comtempt. Respect and humility are needful in communication, (no matter how wide the divide between our respective faiths.)

As to my son in laws, they are both English as a second language. Neither of them read English very well…They are able to read enough to get by in this culture, but, not enough to engage in any literature. Both work long and hard at their jobs. (Both well educated in their homeland, but, they can’t use their skills in our country. To do so meant they would have to redo their education in Canada. Besides the cost for an immigrant, re-education means having to learn to read /write English at a high degree of proficiency.)

At this time, neither of these young man are open to listening to anything that contradicts their faith conviction. If I persisted, by asking them to listen to Christain material, they would be respectful to me, because in their culture you respect your elders, but, they would take it as a personal insult. I want them to feel the love of God in and through me. Islam is so works driven, love appears to be a strange dissociated concept.

God is going to have to work in a manner that doesn’t include their mother in law trying to steer them toward Jesus. Plus, there are grandchildren involved. We are the only grand parents available to them, so, it is important to keep relational doors open for their sake, as well.

The funny thing is, I spoke with my daughter (who converted to Islam when she married), and her 8 year old son is reading, C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia! Which he is pretty excited about and obviously enjoying.


(LaTricia J.) #14

Thanks for sharing about your daughter’s conversion to Islam, @Billie, I was going to ask did your daughters convert in order to marry men who’re practicing Muslims. I would probably change my approach in that area also in start speaking with your daughters and asking about their conversion and why so that you can get a better understanding of why they decided to denounce Christ in order to take shahada. There’s probably plenty to unpack and to continue praying about.

(Kenny) #15

Hi Billie, thanks for being brave to share about your road blocks. I do believe that Christ has definitely touched you so much that you can’t help but want to share about Christianity with them. There are many inputs from others already, so I would like to keep my sharing brief, and just share with you 2 videos from RZIM speakers which I believe will give some perspective into sharing our faith with others from Islam.

Video #1 - This video is a sharing by Nabeel Qureshi about his journey from Islam to Christianity and why it is so difficult for someone to convert. Nabeel was a key speaker on the RZIM team who returned home to be with the Lord in 2017.

Video #2 - This video was by Ravi Zacharias himself, sharing about his views on Islam. I think the sharing near the end hits home because it answers the question many of us have in relation to Islam - "How do I share about my faith with them?"

To perhaps just save some of you some time, he mentioned that he has never seen a Muslim converted because of a powerful apologetics message. Ravi Zacharias also added that there were only 2 scenarios which he has known of Muslim -> Christian converts happening:

  • by seeing the love of Christ in a Christian
  • by receiving a dream from God (especially cause Muslims are not able to converse with God but through the prophets and then through the angels, and also that the only way God speaks to an individual directly is through dreams and visions)

Hope these blesses you as much as it has for me.


(Billie Corbett) #16


Thank you, for your thoughtful post.

I particularly appreciate your adding Ravi’s quotes regarding Muslim to Christian conversion.

From what I witness, this rings true.