Abigael Akanbi

Hello… I’m delighted to be on this platform.
I’m from Lagos, Nigeria.
I joined the connect because I deeply desire to learn and grow in the wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I hope to contribute by respectfully airing biblical views and asking thought provoking questions as would help the body of Christ.


Welcome aboard @Abby_Akanbi. I’m glad you have chosen to come alongside and connect with us. I will look forward to reading your commentary on the Biblical views as well as your responses provided to other members with care and kindness. I believe the desires of your heart to learn and to darner wisdom will be granted. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @Abby_Akanbi, we are glad to have you here. I trust your desire to learn and grow will be met here as you engage in the conversations. I look forward to your insight. Enjoy browsing and take care :pray:t3:


Hi Abi,
Great to have a connection from Nigeria.
Great thirst you have towards scriptures and our savior.
God bless.


Ooh yes! Another Nigerian in the House.:clap:t6::clap:t6:
Hello Abigael @Abby_Akanbi and you are most welcome to Connect. I’m delighted meeting you also. So how is Lagos doing for Christ?

Yes! Just as you rightly puts it [quote=“Abby_Akanbi, post:1, topic:23486”]
I deeply desire to learn and grow in the wisdom of our Lord

You will find Connect meeting these needs and more. Be free to explore the resources and rooms in the house and eat as much as you can. (Haha we are Nigerian lol).
You can also share with us your questions, testimonies and contributions anytime on any topic. Congratulations
With Love.

Grace to grow in wisdom
From Kaduna.