Abortion Laws

Iwould say i have been loving RZIM Connect so far, can’t wait to be more involved here!
I will take part in Harvard Model UN representing El Salvador this January Lord willing, and the topic about abortion will be discussed in my committee.
In this very liberal setting, i want to stand up for the lives of the unborn, yet i am lacking some evidence to support my claim.
Many statistics show that the abortion rate increases radically when abortion laws are put and restrictions are made ( such as the Mexico City Policy ) hence liberals point out that putting laws to stop abortions will create more unsafe abortions causing a higher death risk to mother and child.
What would be your respond to such claim ?
Any advice on how to stand up for life in such settings?
Thank you for your time and effort
Many Blessings



Ben Shapiro is an outspoken, non-Christian, Conservative that sees abortion as evil and speaks about it often. Ravi respects many of his views and has been on his show. I’ve attached a link of him speaking at the U of Alabama on the topic, from which you can glean his basic arguments to use as building blocks:

> Blockquote

Hope it is helpful!


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@linda.1.dagher The following resources may be helpful :slight_smile: Congrats on such a great opportunity! May the Lord bless and guide you.

Based on my takeaways from what I read, here is one approach that makes sense to me:

  • acknowledge the terrible plight of women and the terrible plight of the unborn (see article from Atlantic below) in order to show that you really understand that the issue is complex. Use images of unborn babies to stir the heart of listeners and also share stories from women facing these challenges.
  • using an argument similar to William Lane Craig’s below, cite International Law regarding the rights of all human beings and argue that a fetus is a human
  • share stories of women who have been harmed by abortion and regret it in great detail
  • cast a vision for an inclusive society where women and motherhood are highly valued and a woman does not feel the need to abort a baby to succeed at her job or avoid shame. A society where neither woman nor infant needs to die in order to thrive.
  • share specific measures that can be implemented to help women without resorting to abortion and provide statistics showing they are effective

That last piece of the argument is critical to show that you are not just an idealist, but have real plans for how to help women thrive. May the Spirit of the Lord be with you :slight_smile:

The international community recognizes the intrinsic moral value of human beings in its declaration on human rights. The notion that people have inherent rights just in virtue of the fact that they are human beings, regardless of their race, class, religion, caste, or station in life, is based in the inherent moral value of human beings. This truth is recognized as well in our Declaration of Independence, where it affirms that all men are endowed with certain unalienable rights, such as the right to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness. Most of us, when we reflect upon it, would come to a similar conclusion: Yes, human beings do possess intrinsic moral value.

Now what that implies is that if the developing fetus is a human being, then he or she is endowed with intrinsic moral worth and therefore possesses inherent human rights, including the right to life. Abortion would be a form of homicide, and against such attacks the innocent and defenseless fetus would have every right to the protection of the law.

What I can’t face about abortion is the reality of it: that these are human beings, the most vulnerable among us, and we have no care for them. How terrible to know that in the space of an hour, a baby could be alive—his heart beating, his kidneys creating the urine that becomes the amniotic fluid of his safe home—and then be dead, his heart stopped, his body soon to be discarded.

The argument for abortion, if made honestly, requires many words: It must evoke the recent past, the dire consequences to women of making a very simple medical procedure illegal. The argument against it doesn’t take even a single word. The argument against it is a picture.

This is not an argument anyone is going to win. The loudest advocates on both sides are terrible representatives for their cause. When women are urged to “shout your abortion,” and when abortion becomes the subject of stand-up comedy routines, the attitude toward abortion seems ghoulish. Who could possibly be proud that they see no humanity at all in the images that science has made so painfully clear? When anti-abortion advocates speak in the most graphic terms about women “sucking babies out of the womb,” they show themselves without mercy. They are not considering the extremely human, complex, and often heartbreaking reasons behind women’s private decisions. The truth is that the best argument on each side is a [really:)] good one, and until you acknowledge that fact, you aren’t speaking or even thinking honestly about the issue. You certainly aren’t going to convince anybody. Only the truth has the power to move.

Pro-Life Resources

My caution here would be to be careful with statistical arguments. For example, one of the articles argues that Malta, a nation where abortion is illegal, has the lowest mortality rate due to pregnancies and compares them to both the US and Cuba. However, this argument is weak because there could be many confounding factors: deaths may occur and not be reported, or Cuba’s overall medical care may simply be worse. Just think very critically about each argument.

No women should have to abort her child to participate fully in society. If a pregnant woman or mother can’t participate in society, the true feminist response is that something is wrong with society.


Hey Kevin,
Thanks for that link, will check it out as soon as possible! I really like Ben Shapiro and have listened to some of his debates.

Wow! Thank you so much for all that effort and time you have invested in searching for such content. May the Lord bless you abundantly.
Praying for his guidance and presence in a time like this.
Thanks a lot Sean,

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@linda.1.dagher May the Lord bless you as well :slight_smile: Hope it goes well!

@linda.1.dagher the movie Unplanned has been highly recommended to me.
It tells the story of a lady working in Planned Parenthood and why she left the organisation to advocate for the rights of the child.
I think you should focus on the rights of individuals. Look at the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Number 10 for example is Reduced Discrimination or 4 is Quality Education for all. How can an individual achieve or access these goals, when they are denied life?

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Hey Brian,
Thanks for the suggestion. I have seen the trailer of Unplanned and hope i can find it in Lebanon!
I am very much inspired by Abby Johnson’s story. It’s amazing how a former Planned Parenthood advocate is now standing for life.
Thanks for the thought on SDGs, it’s very helpful


My personal thoughts on building a case for preborn life is that it should, and in fact it can, be made separately from statistical realities.
My point mainly would be that moral realities should take precedence at all times over statistical ones.
If Hitlers objective was successful, for example, and his superior race was the only race that existed, one can quite rightly imagine that a society situated as such would be statistically better off, on paper, in terms of the overall rate of violent crimes and homicides. If everyone so considered and was unified in agreement with the notion that there race was the only one desirable enough to live and reproduce, than a society of such individuals would be expected to get along rather nicely. Im sure abortions would be at an all time low- after all, the superior race would have every incentive to reproduce, and I’m sure most other morally objectionable things we have legal sanctions against would reach record lows as well. So on strictly statistical grounds, nothing would be wrong, and you can even, solely upon the data, conclude that progress was being made. But my argument, and I’m sure the conscience of most people in the west today, is that morally speaking, such statistics would be irrelevent, what is being done and what had to be done in such a situation is wrong at the roots. Therefore the moral reality would take precedent over the statistical one.

The same goes for abortion. So what has to be done is to show why abortion is a morally wrong thing to do. We have to show that the moral reality that we live in does not favor abortion, and once shown, it ought to take precedence over what statistically is the case if it were to become against the law.

The case for life should begin with the constitutional notion that everybody has a right to it. This right is basic and simple enough, and in fact is the first right that must be secured if any of the other rights are to have meaning, if for no other reason than that of one actually having to exist for any of the other rights to to be applied. The question for our purposes is weather or not
life begins at conception, and weather or not this life at conception has the characteristics that would justify us in calling it a human life.
My first thought is simply a common sense one:
Of course life begins at conception-What else could be beggining upon the contact sperm makes with a female ovum? And the larger majority of Biologist concede the notion that life Begins at conception as well. Take Dr Dianne Irving, a biochemist, biologist, and professor at Georgetown university. In a book written by Wayne Grudem titled “Politics according the bible”, he includes a quote written by Dr Irving about the scientific truth of life beggining at conception-the quote reads:

“To begin with, scientifically something very radical occurs between the processes of gametogenesis and fertilization—the change from a simple part of one human being (i.e., a sperm) and a simple part of another human being (i.e., an oocyte—usually referred to as an “ovum” or “egg”), which simply possess “human life,” to a new, genetically unique, newly existing, individual, whole living human being (a single-cell embryonic human zygote).”

This is the well established scientific consensus on the matter, and as such we can profess it a scientifically secure fact that life begins at conception, and if life as such begins at conception, the right to life must begin there as well, and all the protections granted to post-birth life, must reasonably on these grounds be granted to preborne life too.

I reccomend that you take a look at the "sled’ test.
Each of the letters that make the acronym ‘sled’ represent a common justification for believing abortion is not wrong
Heres the link

Hope that helps and I just wanted to say how incredible and inspiring it is to see someone so young be so involved in something so significant. May God give you a fresh outpouring and overflow of His wisdom and discernment as you stand for His ways and His truth

THANK YOU, your response is very logical, i loved the argument about statistics!
you all don’t know how appreciative i am to have virtual brothers and sisters in Christ like you!
Many blessings and much more

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@linda.1.dagher Came across this and thought it may be helpful :slight_smile: Reminded me of the fact that there is general agreement, even in the medical community, that embryos are human. The disagreement is over whether or not they are persons. While as Christians we believe all humans are persons because they are made in God’s image, some argue that it is our abilities that make us human.

However, as is noted in the video, this argument from function is silly because where do we draw the line? A three-year-old is not capable of many things a full grown adult is - does that mean they are not human? A person who is unconscious cannot do what a conscious person can - does that make them not human? Drawing the line so that it only excludes fetuses is completely arbitrary, making this argument from function unhelpful as a way of answering the question of personhood.

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Hello, Linda @linda.1.dagher. Several months ago my cousin who is not a believer but is very sensitive to killing animals and leans toward pro-life, raised the issue of his possibly supporting pro-abortion when it comes to avoiding suffering for the child or for single mothers. I wrote a lengthy reply, some of which I’m inserting in a separate post reply to your question. It is coming from a Christian perspective, of course.
However, there are currently several Christian organizations fighting abortion, specifically, Planned Parenthood. I will point you toward them because they can probably supply some statistics you are looking for:

ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice)- They are actively fighting in the courts and at the Supreme Court level against Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood recently experienced major setbacks with videos revealing their indifference toward the use of fetal organs and their callous approach to what they do. You can go on ACLJ’s website (https://aclj.org/) for more exact details. They would be your best source for laws. I suggest calling them also if you want to ask specific questions.

Mission Pre-Born is a pro-life organization that reaches out to pregnant women via the use of Ultra-sound machines. They have had great success in changing the minds of women on the fence about aborting their unborn child. They also offer adoption and counseling for the mother, as well. You can try to contact them as well (https://preborn.org/
Another organization is Focus on the Family. They are very active in fighting abortion and specialize in ministering to families in countless ways. https://store.focusonthefamily.com/singleitem/checkout/donation/item/don-ffapl-18jan?gclid=CjwKCAiArJjvBRACEiwA-WiqqyxvcO0mSe93x2I4koLU0bG5O9Vd2l_kM7hQ20P1MQN40bFToKZDvxoC6bgQAvD_BwE#refcd=838001.

As mentioned above, I will do a separate reply post for what I wrote to my cousin. I hope these are helpful resources for you. Thank your for your heart to save the lives of the innocents.

Hi, Linda, this is an edited reply to my cousin’s question of being pro-abortion for the sake of saving a child or single mom from suffering. If it can be of any use, please feel free to draw from it.

"…All of this brings me back to why, as a believer, I can’t support abortion. It is the premeditated, intentional killing of a human being, whether in the process of formation in the womb or fully developed afterward, who is the image of God. Questions of personhood are irrelevant. A human is a person by definition. That developing embryo, which science confirms is human from conception, has a heartbeat as early as five weeks. As early as 25 weeks, the neurological development has progressed where the fetus has been recognized to feel pain, although science puts it formally at 28 weeks. Surgeons have removed a fetus from the womb to perform surgery and administered anesthesia. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/fetal-surgery/about/pac-20384571. https://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/health/a/fetal-anesthesia. The auditory sense has developed by the 25th-26th weeks to be able to perceive and recognize sound, especially of the mother’s voice. https://www.healthline.com/health/pregnancy/when-can-a-fetus-hear#1. (An aside to this is the account of John the Baptist leaping in Elizabeth’s womb when she heard Mary’s greeting. Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant at the time (Luke 1: 36-41). To me, science is confirming the Biblical account here.)
Recently, my husband and I attended a brunch for a pro-life organization (Pre-Born!) that provides ultrasound for mothers contemplating abortion. The founder told a story of a 15-year-old who was leaning toward abortion, especially with her mother’s encouragement. After seeing the images of her unborn in her womb, she gave the child the term “baby”, no longer indifferent to what was growing inside of her. Then she asked a critical question: “Will the baby feel pain?” The answer, at her stage of development, was affirmative. As a result, she carried the baby to full term. I asked what happened to the baby afterward. The answer was that they found a Christian adoptive home through one of the many Christian adoption agencies with which they coordinate. (I recognize that a “Christian” home doesn’t always mean a “perfect” life for the child, but only to say that adoption is a valid option being provided by Christian pro-life agencies for unwanted or at-risk newborns.)
This leads me to the question of at-risk newborns entering into an environment of suffering due to abuse of various kinds, or when a poor single mom is involved. There is no question that it is heartbreaking to bring a child into such an environment. Yet, abortion does not absolve either parent of their responsibilities, nor solve the poverty or abuse questions. It just temporarily relieves the mother or parents of their “burden” at the expense of the unborn. Nor does it change their behavior. It also sets up a precedent for rationalizing any future pregnancies because abortion gives them the escape. It’s the “easy” way out. It exercises their God-given innate ability to choose without accepting the consequences of their choices. When a woman says it’s her right to choose because it’s her body, shouldn’t she exercise that same choice ahead of time, before conception. She can choose to say, “no”.
Again, I am involved with an organization (Homestretch) that teaches women or families who are victims of abuse or homelessness how to become financially and emotionally independent through a program that provides housing, job training, parenting skills, and education. However, these clients are expected to work with the program and are held accountable for their success or failure.
As committed Christian believers, we are not immune to suffering. In fact, we are quite painfully aware of it. Christ warned that to become a believer meant experiencing suffering and persecution for his namesake. (John. 15:20). One only can read the papers or go on the internet to see examples of the persecution of Christians, especially in hostile countries. (See below)

”Open Doors, a ministry to the persecuted Church worldwide, says that on average every month 255 Christians are killed, 104 are abducted, 180 Christian women are raped, harassed, or forced into marriage, 66 churches are attacked, and 160 Christians are imprisoned without trial.” (https://www.opendoorsusa.org/Christian-persecution/)
It not only occurs in hostile countries, but in our own, through verbal and social rejection. But the Christian is taught throughout Scripture not to shun suffering but to embrace it because through suffering we learn to become more Christ-like as he enables our endurance. It is through suffering that the Christian is able to have compassion. So, rather than lack of compassion to expect an innocent child to suffer at the hands of abuse, it is compassion that drives the Christian response. That child, regardless of circumstances, is a human being, created in God’s image, with potential and purpose. That child has the full attention of the omniscient Father from conception to death. He has compassion for that child. The question might be asked, “Then, why doesn’t He do something about it?” The answer is, “He did. On Calvary.” Isaiah 52 foretells the picture of the “Suffering Servant”. 1Peter 2: 19-22 instructs us to endure, following Christ’s example. While these scriptures don’t specifically address children, it provides a sure hope for them. Jesus, himself, said that the kingdom belongs to little children. (Matthew 19:14). I wonder if a preborn infant had a voice (or even now when denied life after a failed abortion), would he or she ask to live.

(I’m copying an excerpt from my cousin’s comment to make a comment:)

“In terms of debating the issue of abortion itself, I have read commentary to the effect that those who contend they are “pro-life” in many ways seem to really be “pro-birth” in that they seem to be far more concerned with a child being born rather than also actively pursuing steps that would increase the likelihood that the newborn child who might otherwise have been aborted has an enhanced chance of having a “good” life.”

My response to that commentary is the following:

“Of the varying religions in the world, worldwide charitable activity shows that Buddhists have 1765 organizations; Hindu 793; Islamic 1271; Jewish 4,421; Christian 84,706.” https://www.guidestar.org/NonprofitDirectory.aspx?cat=8&subcat=44&p=1
Of those 84K+there are adoption agencies, agencies to deal with interventions and relieving suffering, agencies for counseling adult addictive behavior, and legal agencies such as ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) or IJM (International Justice Mission) which work in defense of the unborn and to stop slavery and sex trafficking. If you go on the Salvation Army website, you will see a list of all their services. The charitable organizations list goes on. I wonder if the person writing the NY Times article is aware of these organizations and what they do for the poor and suffering in the world.
The suggestion that pro-lifers are really pro-birthers, can be said in the reverse. Planned Parenthood is ferociously fighting for no-fault botched abortion rights for abortionists. In some cases, they have succeeded in not allowing 911 to be called or asked them not to put their siren on because it would draw attention to the abortion clinic. In Missouri, there is a Planned Parenthood clinic with a history of botched abortions. The state health department shut it down. However, a judge placed an injunction against that ruling. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/missouri-s-only-abortion-clinic-remain-open-after-judge-s-n1020251. While this is a report from the general news media, I heard a radio broadcast from ACLJ commenting on this case, presenting issues not otherwise covered. They revealed that the judge had no authority to override a state ruling. He was supporting Planned Parenthood. So, the question should be asked if Planned Parenthood and pro-choicers really care about the child and the mother. Or is their concern just for abortion and the abortionist—not to mention the funds they’ve been receiving from Title X? In that same context, pro-abortionists should make their own efforts to stop the abusive environment rather than to give it free reign simply by eliminating the would-be child that would enter abuse or by demanding contraceptives that don’t solve the problem of abuse.

A footnote to the history of Planned Parenthood is the seldom publicized founder’s relationship to the KKK and her philosophy of racist eugenics. (Margaret Sanger) Yet, her racism is not condemned today. https://studentsforlife.org/high-school/planned-parenthood-and-racism/

I’ll end my response to my cousin here.

Hey Linda,

I am delighted to hear RZIM Connect has been a blessing to you thus far. It is rousing to listen to your enthusiasm about getting more involved in connect, and I hope to see you post more often.

If I’m not mistaken, this should be the 67th session of the HMUN and may I say, what an honor it is that you have turned to the connect family to help you in preparing for this weighty event.

In the responses to your petition, I have read some outstanding resources presented by the connect family, but if I may, I would like to add to this list a personal reference as well as a professional one.

The first, is a link from a talk by Dr. Calum Miller, who is a medical doctor, philosopher and an academic ethicist. He loves Jesus and fights for the unborn, as written on his twitter feed.

Dr. Miller makes a strong argument concerning the statistic that shows, abortion seems to be associated with a far higher death risk than carrying the baby to term.

He also refutes the statement, that ending a pregnancy through abortion helps the mental health of the once pregnant woman.

Calum quotes David Ferguson, a pro-choice psychology researcher from New Zealand, who said,
“there is no credible evidence to support the research hypothesis that abortion reduces any mental health risks associated with unwanted or unplanned pregnancy that come to term.”

Calum goes on to reference a book by David Reardon, he surveyed around 200 woman who become pregnant as a result of rape. “The findings would state, that the women who chose to keep their babies believed they made the right choice, however, in contrast almost all the women (90%) who aborted wished they would not have do so.”

The last thing Calum speaks about in the REBOOT talk, 37:40 (if you’re interested) addresses the question about unsafe abortions causing higher death risks. He said those numbers were inflated and had no evidence behind them. He again contests these stats by saying, “when abortion is made legal, we see the abortion rate go up enormously, they multiply by several times in every country when abortion is legalized, 190,000 lives in Great Britain a year. On top of that it doesn’t heal women from any harm that they sustained, but increases the number of suicides and increases the # of deaths.”
~ Dr. Miller

This particular statement I can attest to, since over the last decade I have worked at a faith-based pregnancy center, at which we see over 3,000 women a year.

I have counseled many women who wish to have an abortion or who have had an abortion. Of the later, I find that many times they are engaging in destructive behavior and when you walk them back to the catalyst of said behavior, it is almost always when they had an abortion.

Abortion leaves deep, cutting wounds that cannot be waxed over, but need to be approached with a gentle tenderness, a healing balm, that only the Lord can offer the soul.

Recently I head an RZIM podcast called “ Ask Away ” with Vince & Joe Vitale entitled
“Who is Beyond Forgiveness? A conversation with The Rev. Hassan John” Jun 28, 2019.

Around 11:50 of the podcast, Rev Hassan tells a remarkable story of the choices of the young girls who were captured by terrorist groups in Nigeria. Although in another country, it would seem to uphold the findings done by the above-mentioned David Reardon.

Rev Hassan said, On April 14th 2014, in Nigeria, Chibok school girls were abducted by the Boko Haram and many unthinkable atrocities were committed against these girls. Hassan stated, he met two girls who had babies from Boko Haram and these girls so loved these babies.

“The girls said what happened to them was evil, something so very destructive mentally and physically.

But indeed, now also they see the love of the birth of a baby, a child that is innocent, that is full of life, that has a future, that has everything attached to what God has given.

And this girl I spoke to looked at that baby and said, "I love this child irrespective of what has happened to me. This is the gift of a life, that and a responsibility that I’m happy to nurture and to grow and to just pour my love on this little baby.

I think in the last four years I’ve met more than 15 girls, who are pregnant from radical Islamic insurgents in northeastern Nigeria, none of them at any point said they didn’t want the child.” ~ Hassan John

I know all of this information may seem a bit overwhelming, but you have been given an amazing opportunity to engage in a controversial topic and bring a Godly point of view to the table.

Let us know when you are going, so we may be praying for you during your time, then please come back and tell us how God showed up!

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I liked the “begins” link as a questionnaire and to see how some got upset about having to face reality.
I usually point people to a-scientific-view-of-when-life-begins to also give them some illustration in how “lively” that cellular development process is. I was amazed how people like Rutherford could deny the fetus to be a human being in his debate with Peter Hitchins just rebroadcasted last week. The most convincing argument for me about the fertilized egg to be the beginning of a humans life is the development of in vitro fertilisation. It has proven that the fertilised egg is capable of growing into a adulthood independent of its biological parents, thus is proven to be living human that if given the opportunity can develop independently of those who created it.

I sometimes wonder if the driving agenda behind abortions is really the male desire to justify having sex without having to face the consequences as biologically derived it is the woman who is forced to deal with the consequences. This is why women in the past have been far more selective in who to have sex with. It is ingenious coup of marketing to sell abortion to women as an an act of empowerment to be allowed to kill their own baby and declare it their right against male oppression whilst it really can be seen as the peak of male oppression to make you kill your own child, as you can not get away from your actions and can not unthink it, thus often leading to PTSD.
Kluesendorf is another good source or Stephanie Gray is an excellent source for helping you to clarify the arguments

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Statistics show here in the Pacific Northwest that when the current Comprehensive Sexual Education which was created by the UN General Education fund and now supported by Planned Parenthood; along with the FLASH (family life and sexual health) curriculum are taught, that the rates of STD’s increase, as do teen pregnancy.

Clearly the goal of these “curricula” is indoctrination and profit for the abortion industry.

While I agree that the moral and philosophy arguments are the strongest against abortion, it’s good to know the facts and stats to use as a support of those arguments, not as an argument alone. Never go head to head fact to fact as then we allow that to determine the field of play. The world can’t see from our perspective whereas we, on the mountaintop, can see the field and far beyond. We are able to use arguments from the best perspective and do NOT surrender that no matter how much our opponent desires it. It would be folly to hand them out superior weapons. No: we describe and maintain the boundaries and perspective of the field of battle.

Take the moral and philosophical high ground. Truth is on our side and so too are all the facts. Don’t let them spin them. Know their facts and how they’ll be used- seems like you already do!- and don’t give them ground to stand on because they don’t stand on truth, morality or justice. Pull every argument down like 2 Cor 10:4-5 says.

Thanks so much! Bless you! We’ll be praying for you.

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Thank you so much , these stories of brave young wommen are so inspiring and are great material for the conference!! They shows how beautiful life is and how much love and joy babies bring to the lives of parents no matter how they were conceived.
It is amazing to know that you work at an NGO who helps wommen. It is so true that many have extremely deep scars that only Jesus can heal. What an amazing opportunity to share His healing hand in an environment as such.
The conference will be held from the 30th of January till the 2nd of February 2020
I sincerely appreciate your love and prayers

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Sharon, or Mrs Sharon must I say,
Your replise are full of wisdom and great logic, Thank You. I loved Homestrech’s misson, they are giving women great skills and are working for the far future; whereas Planned Parenthood most of the time is seen as looking only to the present or near future.
The pro life pro birth reply to your cousin was GREAT!
I am wondering, have these arguments helped your cousin change her mind?
I hope so, but if not we are confident that His Word shall not return void
Thank you for such great resources and help, will check them up as soon as possible.
Many blessings

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Wow Nikki, thank you so much for that encouragement! It speaks wonders about your supportive and encouraging personality.
By His power and strength i will do my best to stand up not only for the unborn, but also for the women and victims of sexual violence.

As a short background story, i was told that the committee i was assigned had the topic of Sexual Violence During Conflict. Knowing that this topic was way out of my comfort zone i started panicking and trying to find ways to change my committee. However, after praying about what had happened, i felt lots of peace and excitement knowing that throught that topic i could stand up for the forsaken and the most vulnerable. I am so thankful and very much humbled to be part of such a huge movement. And i am sure that the good Lord knew that i would have an AMAZING virtual family helping and encouraging me
You ALL are an answered prayer,
Much love

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I realy like the argument about men promoting abortion. This is so true!! They don’t want to take any responsibility in caring for a child or even admit their wrongdoings.
Actually you have hit the nail on the head with that argument Gerhard since my committee’s topic is “Sexual Violence During Conflict” so i must clarify that abortion is NOT a solution for sexual violence,instead it shows the agressor that the crime can be somehow erased, whereas in reality the victim and child both will always have permanent scars
Thank you

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