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I had a brief discussion with a person and had an opportunity to unpack life’s 4 basic questions.

But, when I came to meaning, the response from the other side was “…I never think about the future I don’t care about meaning, and I have no intention to ask myself why I am here in this world”

Now oftentimes the struggle is to get the meaning out of the conversation.

How do I handle a person who is not bothered about meaning and ultimately destiny.

This person tends to believe in God but do not know which God.

Thanks in advance.

For His Glory

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@Aro_Viki Hi!

I have had people make similar statements to me in the past, and it can definitely be frustrating to hear someone say something so apathetic. Maybe you could try asking:

Hypothetically, if I could prove to you that Christianity was true. Would it matter to you? Why or Why not?
If no, maybe ask, Is there something about Christianity that you find particularly hard to accept?


Hello John,

That sounds direct and I might try it next time. Thank you much.


@Aro_Viki, that’s a great question. I’ve run into it also and understand the frustrations of that response.

One shift in thinking I found very helpful is to take the distance out of the conversation. What I mean is that instead of questions about the broad meaning of life or eternal destiny, make it about the ‘right here, right now.’ For example, ask questions like “Is there meaning when your wife says I love you?” “Why do you want that job promotion, after all there isn’t any meaning to it, right?” “Why do you want your kids to go to college and get a good job?” Questions like these will shed light that this person does think there is meaning to life and that he or she does subconsciously think about it. The goal is to keep dialogue going and to point out the implicit meanings that he or she holds to.

From there I’d direct the conversation to something like, “You know, Jesus’ life shows us a lot about the meaning of life and I wonder if you think that any of it rings true?” And then, you can share some of your favorite examples.

That’s worked well for me, but you’ll have to try it on and see how it goes for you. Hope it helps!

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Absolutely true! Agreed.

In fact the point I was making during the conversation is this, “…why do you send your kids to school if you don’t think there is no meaning, or why do you press on moral values to your kids if you think there is eventually no meaningful value to life itself…”

Of course these questions steer up some conversational materials (to continue our goal), but there is always a point we end up hearing, “…well I don’t really care for now…at least I am alive and do my stuff…”

And I get it, this is a good conversation and eventually one of the members are learning :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your insightful lines. I will work on these line effectively in the coming conversation.

Have a blessed week.