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We read in 1 Timothy 6:10 King James Version (KJV)
“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows”

It came up in one conversation with a friend who said it should have been, “the LACK of money” and not just the Love of it as used in the scripture. I didn’t know how to respond appropriately. I would appreciate your views on this. Thank you.


I can say this from personal experience and observation. I have worked with millionaires and lived with the poorest of poor. All those that I have seen with money, desire more and power. They are never satisfied, always worried about losing what they have, trying to achieve more, and usually very unhappy in relationships. And often put themselves above others as if to be admired or worshiped. More than often, not taking time to consider God, much less seek his wisdom.

The majority of the poor I have known, try to help one another and strangers, with what little they may have. Always sharing and caring with others, even with strangers. Rich in family life and love. Joyful in the Lord and trusting in him.

This is not to imply that one set or the other is inherently evil or wrong. Just what I have seen and known to be the case, the majority of the time. Spending so much time chasing money and materialistic things, does not leave much time to look around, see God, or thirst for his desires. Much less to take the time to be still as God tells us we should.

I was personally always happier with less money and materials. No stress of thieves. Had everything necessary that the Lord provided. Most of all I had the time to be still, look, listen, and see God in everything and everyone that he made. This made the creations of mans materialistic items more undesirable to me, than what God provided daily. The quest for God and his love grew exponentially. This is my personal perception and experience. I know that many others share it.

I have always said that if you want to really change your world and your life, change your perception and get the correct perspective. That starts with the wisdom of the Lord alone, and nothing that we possess. If the Lord said it, and the Bible teaches it, as a Christian, we know it is true. Yet rich are poor, for those who believe in and serve the Lord, they desire the things of righteousness and goodness from the change of their heart at salvation and through getting in the word.

Thank you for reading. May God richly bless you in spirit my friend, and give you the words from the Holy Spirit to help your friend. Amen.


@Alexander_Shanks God bless you so much for sharing. I’m particularly happy that you included the point that has to do with being still. That has been my prayer topic for weeks now.


Lack of money is not a sin and conversely an abundance of money is not a sin. What is a sin is how we view money. I think is was John Wesley when ask about the proper attitude towards money said this, (from memory, so go easy on me) “you should make all you can, you should save all you can and you should give all you can”.
I also like want John MacArthur had to say on the subject of money.

Whether men are wealthy or poor-or somewhere in between-their attitude toward material possessions is one of the most reliable marks of their spiritual condition. Man as an earthly creature is naturally concerned about earthly things. In Christ we are recreated as heavenly beings and, as children of our heavenly Father, our concerns should now focus primarily on heavenly things-even while we still live on earth. Christ sends us into the world to do His work, just as the Father sent Him into the world to do the Father’s work, But we are not to be “of the world” even as Jesus Himself, while on earth, was “not of the world” (John 17:15–18). One of the supreme tests of our spiritual lives, then, is how we now relate to those two worlds. Sixteen of the thirty-eight parables of Jesus deal with money. One out of ten verses in the New Testament deals with that subject. Scripture offers about five hundred verses on prayer, fewer than five hundred on faith, and over two thousand on money.
MacArthur, J. 1989. Matthew . Moody Press: Chicago

I think that often we assume poverty to be a virtue and riches a sin. I can’t find anything to support this thought in the Bible.

My thoughts.

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Yes. I hear that. I myself as you read, am relating to the comment “the love of money is the root of evil”

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The lack of money isn’t what what roots a person’s mind in evil. Lack for sure is a horrible state to live in but the thing about it is that it’s not a state of mind. I’ve seen people with an impoverished mindset get money and lose it all. Simply because of how they are thinking. Which is what is being said in the scripture you posted. The love of money roots the mind in evil which is what I call today an impoverished mindset. Whether you manged the money well or not if your only focus is not being broke you will sacrifice whatever you have to in order for that not to happen.

It can turn into a horrible cycle cause you can have everything you need and see someone who has more than you and once again feel “broke”. People in that state of mind will convince themselves to do more to have more. It’s a love of money because of the control and power it makes you feel you have, but it’s pushed by fear as well. Fear of losing it.

A friend once said: a Christian should be earning and saving in order to be giving. I agree with that. I heard it said once when someone asked: How much is enough? Just a little more. I say, that is a Caution sign. May we always ask for the Holy Spirits guidance when it comes to our handling of money. God is Good to All. Fred