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Just purchased my ticket! Will be watching from France:)
Will be my first time watching their conferences, I’m looking forward to it!


Hey @GlobalApologeticsConference, we’re so thrilled to have you with us this weekend! Hopefully you’re tuning into the livestream as well. It’s been an amazing day so far, and we’re just getting started.

Remember that top comments posted on Connect always have a chance of being read live by @Shawn_Hart and @Michelle_Tepper. [If you want to opt out, make sure to send @Matthew_Mittelberg and or myself a DM]

If you have theology/apologetics questions, you can always post them here- but remember that if you follow the Pigeonhole link on the watch site, there’s a chance of speakers answering your question live on a Q and A panel. Don’t miss out on that opportunity - ask your question on Pigeonhole!


Very Good!
Well done!
Looking forward to tomorrows speakers.
God is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made. Psalm 145:9


Thanks Kasey,

Was watching from Spokane WA. The first day of the conference was great. Thanks for all the information and the teams hard work to make this possible for us to be part of this conference.


I just want to say Thank you for the 1st day of the conference. It was exactly what i hoped it would be!! Am listening to it again now. Thank you for being obedient to our father and spreading this message of truth. I pray for this conference and RZIM ministries as a whole to reach many in the name of Jesus

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The focus of Christ on the cross and Jesus’ love for us, which is a recurring theme, allowed me to see Jesus as hero really for the first time and how deep the implications of this reality are for me as an apologist and evangelist. Jesus is a mentor as well. As an online Doctor of Apologetics student at Trinity Graduate School of Theology in India, I love the logic and intellectual part of the study of apologetics, but where the rubber meets the road and applies to people’s lives is really the main crux and vision. A really excellent quote from the conference is “Love is the greatest apologetic.” I’d argue that lives are the greatest apologetic as well. I give a shout to the speakers for giving examples of practical application of the field via the talks and Question & Answer sessions. Oh, what sensitivity the speakers have and balance between logic and the love of humanity. God bless and God’s love to all.

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