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  • If something a Refresh speaker says lands with you, we wanna hear.

  • If you have an opinion about the best way to pour a bowl of cereal, we wanna hear.

  • If you’re watching this conference from somewhere awesome, we wanna hear. Milwaukee? Los Angeles? A pillow fort in your basement?

Every day of the ReFresh2020 conference, I’ll be scanning this thread to gather stories, commentary and banter to read LIVE to all the good people out there… so lay it on us!!!

Connect is the global home of the RZIM family, and it’s one of the best resources we can offer you as you go off to college. Tough questions, solid perspective, stories from other believers around the world… it’s all here. And now you are too!



Is the video of Ravi you showed at the beginning going to be available to share? I think it would be great to share as a conversation starter. It was fabulous!


Hi Laurie, I know for sure you can find it in Ravi’s memorial service, hosted at Passion City Church earlier this year:


I loved all of yesterday so much!! So much goodness and truth in all the talks! One takeaway I got was by Vince and Jo Vitale: God doesn’t promise us a partner. But he promises us himself. If you find yourself in a place where you feel you are settling for God, we have missed how good God is. If you’re not satisfied in Him, you won’t be with anyone else.
I just love this idea that if we think we’re settling for God, we’ve totally missed who God is!


Ready for today’s Session!

I made enough tea to last the whole time. Always need to have tea! :blush:

I even have a friend. :smile:


I just wanted to say that I loved Lou’s response to the question about Is being gay a sin? This is something I’ve struggled to answer to a lot of people who’ve asked me about what God thinks of it. And as well, being a fairly new christian growing up in a conservative christian home, I’ve gone ahead to say “you’re wrong and you’re sinning” and skipped out on the part about Jesus’ salvation, which I am frankly ashamed of. It’s caused a lot of hate to come my way, and I’m not surprised in all honesty. But Lou’s answer made so much sense biblically! So that was really encouraging to me and something I’m going to try to remember for when I go to university and get asked again (most likely). Also…I’M FROM THE UK! So it’s awesome to be here without being in Georgia :joy:! (also love being able to hear a British accent from Jo…makes it feel more like home :blush:)


Hi! I’m actually not a college student but I joined Refresh as a youth leader wanting to know more about how I can connect to the present generation. I am part of a campus ministry since college until now that I’ve graduated because I saw the need to reach students for Christ especially when our philosophy professors(in our campus) try so hard to win us out of Christianity.
I must say, I learned a lot from the discussions, testimonies and interviews and am so blessed to be able to join Refresh 2020! My notes are definitely full! And I will share these to the youth God has entrusted me. Also, I like what Jo’s friend said that God did not promised us a partner but He promised us Himself. We are in a culture wherein people (even in church) find it odd and sad for one to be in their late 20s and still unmarried. I was moved by what @lou.phillips said that he’s 29, haven’t had sex, yet is not unfulfilled. He adds, “if the Lord wants me to be married praise Him, if not, praise Him still.” @Ivy_Tyson in cover to cover said the same thing and it moved my heart because I am 28 and am joyfully single and still wanted to exhaust my singleness for Jesus. People around me do not seem to understand my sentiments but hearing you both say that and seeing you use your singleness for God’s glory without fretting over getting married or not encouraged me a lot. Lou also said “Christ is the bread of life but we act as if marriage is.” This is the sad reality we are in. It’s my desire that despite this culture, the ladies God entrusted me will find their sole satisfaction in Jesus and everything else just a bonus. God is good and He will surely not withhold anything good from us and the best one He ever gave is Himself.:blush:



Great setup!!! TEA FOR DAYS!

@chinajay0102 @Keithy @Karys_Battenfield

Amazing, guys. We’re so glad God is using this conference in your lives. Really appreciate these stories - they make it all worth it for us!

Day 2 out of 4 :white_check_mark: - full steam ahead! See you tonight at Refresh Extra!


So happy you were encouraged! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, it means so much to us.


Hi. My name is Miah Johnson. I live in Machias, Maine. I am 15 and this conference is very inspirational to me…this video I made tells some of my story and why I am really loving this Refresh conference.

Jesus is not the Mad Titan Thanos

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Nothing big to comment… but that bible is GORGEOUS

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Hey everyone, I’m Victor and I’m attending Refresh 2020 from Nigeria. This is surely good that has come out of COVID-19.

I’ve been greatly blessed and inspired by the sessions I watched. I particularly loved the talk by @Jo_Vitale
Apart from the fact that I loved her accent, I love how she debunked the categorization of Jesus as a great teacher and went on to prove him as being God.

I think RZIM speakers are generally very talented and are so good at defending the faith. I cannot but be amazed at how they speak and I wonder how they get to be so good. I want to be that good too and I wonder if guys have any tips.

Also learning a lot from the relationship tips too​:+1::+1:


Miah, Wow! I am so encouraged to hear your testimony of Christ helping you overcome anxiety.
I’m reminded of the verse that says perfect love casts out all fear.
It sounds like you found the perfect love of Christ which really can cast out all fear.
Thank you so much for sharing.

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I am watching from the city of Jesus, Nazareth! Thankful for all of the talks and devotions. They all gave me something to think about!


Me too

Many blessing to y’all from the holy land (yes we use y’all )


12 hour time difference is real! watching from the Philippines!


A couple sweet QUOTES that stood out to me from REFRESH2020…

  1. Faith is action on things we know that are true despite the way me may feel. - Kasey L. [Day 3] (Hopefully I’m not committing plagiarism since that was Kasey’s rewording/paraphrase on C.S. Lewis’s definition of faith: Faith is holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing moods) :sweat_smile:

  2. A faith that cannot be tested can’t be trusted. - Lisa V. Fields [Day 2]

That’s definitely not all the gems that were uttered by our wonderful speakers. So, I’m curious to hear any others that stood out to you guys which I may have missed!..


“If you don’t do the things Jesus asks us to do, don’t expect to feel the way the Bible says we would”


Hi RZIM Team,
This is my first ever ReFresh conference that I’m attending and I’m watching from my home in South Africa. Being raised in a Christian home and now as a first-year music student studying away from home, I have wrestled with some new questions from the beginning of this year. I have seen some things that are quite out of the normal for me, especially in the artistic world where I find myself in at the moment.
The first few days of this conference has answered some of my questions and has really been such a blessing and an encouragement. Thank you for all the effort you put into this to make it happen! I am looking forward for the final day’s sessions!


I loved @Kasey_Leander response to a question. I don’t remember what the question was. He talked of loving the questioner.
That is something I have noted among all the speakers. From answering questions to speaking, I have noted the compassion and love you guys display. There were moments I was almost crying. That is how much love and compassion I felt😄
Thank you for those practical steps on becoming more compassionate