Abraham Santiago

Hi everyone greetings in the name of the Lord.

Here is a little info about me I’m from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico

I am a graduate of RZIM Academy and being part of that has inspired me to use whatever skills I have.

I hope to contribute some questions you may have, pray with you, encourage you to seek God’s face day by day.


@a1781 Nice to meet you!

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Nice to meet you too. I believe we are all going to experience good things being here, a time of learning and connecting together.


Greetings Mr. Abraham!

It’s very lovely to meet you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes sir, Connect is a great place to practice and untilize the skills we’ve learned in the modules as the Holy Spirit hones them. We are all learning together! See you soon and welcome to this lovely family in Christ.



Thank you glad to serve Him in anyway possible.

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@a1781 Hi Abraham, Welcome to the RZIM Connect community. We look forward to learning alongside you! You mentioned that you have gone through the RZIM Academy—that is wonderful. I hope you will share some of the further questions that study has raised for you (how often our study brings us more questions than it answers!) and also share insights from your study as you contribute to our discussions here. Thanks for taking time to join us and introduce yourself here!


Thank you for those kind words. The lord bless you.

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Welcome Abraham, I pray all is getting back to some degree of normal there. It has been a while since I have heard news. It’s good to have you join us. Look forward to further discussions with you. Lord bless your journey.


Hello Abraham and welcome :slightly_smiling_face:. Does Puerto Rico have a strong Christian community?



Hi Brian, yes it does. Catholicism was never strong here. People here are Catholic by tradition, culture, and customs. Thanks for asking.

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Thank you, Mike, God is good.

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Congratulations :tada:
You are highly Welcome :kissing_heart::pray:

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Very nice to meet you Abraham! Welcome to the Community!

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Thank you Jacob glad to be a part of the family.

Welcome, Abraham. Glad you can join us!

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