Abstract Attributes of God

(Joshua Kane Eads) #1

I have heard it said we mirror our creator. We credit attributes like the will to create, love, and be relational beings to God because of this thought process.

Can we attribute the sense of responsibility we have (To children - spouse - fellow man) to God since we attribute some of the aforementioned abstract facets of human nature to him?

If so, was Christ coming to save us God taking care of us because he created us?

I don’t mean in the sense that our fall was his fault, but in the sense of inherent responsibility a parent feels to take care of and provide for their off spring.

If not, then simply why can’t we?

(Nathan Griffin) #2

Thank you Joshua. Great thoughts and questions. Your post really took me deeper into just how vast the love of God is toward creation. I have a 2 year old son and I would absolutely “save” him from himself. Being 2 and wild and crazy, I do quite often save him from himself. (I let him fail also). Point of fact I think important to note, I don’t save or rescue him out of responsibility, but out of immense love and gratitude. I get to rescue him, I get to save him, I also get to let him fail and learn. Now as to whether I can attribute these human nature qualities to God? Maybe we to often get the cart before the horse by mistake. What I mean is. I only have these attributes of Love and gratitude because of the perfect love and gratitude within God. We are created out of the vast overflowing attributes of God. Love is a God nature—we only see it in a mirror dimly… for now. So to answer your question, yes we can attribute whatever we want to God. We have the freedom to do that. Fact is we humans have been doing that since the beginning. Maybe another question would be what God attributes can and does he attribute to us? All of them? Do we just distort them at times?

Paul in Corinthians 2:11 talks about a divine jealousy for the church he betrothed to Christ. Jealousy, most often from a human nature attribute is negative, but Paul has a new pair of glasses on and sees it from Gods perspective a little better. God is jealous for His Body to be pure and Holy and blameless. When the divine nature is attributed to the human nature we start to see the Kingdom picture a little less dimly. It looks perfect in Jesus. Fully human and fully divine. For now, like Paul so aptly human puts it, “Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.

Lord grant me the humility to see myself as I am, and the courage to pursue myself as you’d have me. Not my will but your will be done.
In Christ I am

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(Joshua Kane Eads) #3


Thank you for taking the time to respond to that thought. I have three children myself and is why the thought initially came to me. In fact, my youngest turns two today. A while back, I had to tear down an older play set in the yard and my children watched with hurt in their eyes. It started to make me think, “Would I have built a play set if I knew for a fact one of my children was to be hurt on it”? (In my case and knowing my kids, that is a guarantee)

I notice foreshadowing events (and have been taught) in the old testament where I believe God would show prophets and his people the dynamic of their relationship with him (Abraham & Isaac - Hosea & Gomer). These two situations, for example, show different facets of love. These two events, in particular, show intentional decisions that go against our nature. Love, as I have been taught, is a choice we consciously make and a choice God consciously made to create us with the foreknowledge of what was to come. My point here is after the choice is made, we have a proclivity for things tied to love. Responsibility can be both. We can have an inclination for responsibility similar to emotion or it can be chosen. For this reason, I lean toward thinking that is isn’t synonymous but certainly not mutually exclusive with love. For example, I can choose to be responsible for things I don’t love and I can feel responsible for things I don’t love. We are told in John 3 that “God so loved the world”. That answer is often insufficient for those who don’t believe love to be a choice (but only an emotion) or believe in a creator who would knowingly create a universe where he would have sent his son to die because of how corrupt his creation would become.

My line of thinking was to approach this from view I could wrap my head around without spewing heresy! I know I can’t speak for God and it feels like going down this road gets danger close to that. I am sorry if I am all over the place with this.

Thank you very much for your thoughts on this, I will chew on this some more.

(Nathan Griffin) #4

No Heresy police here my friend. Spew all you need to if it will help you plumb the depth, test the width and reach the height of Gods love. You’re in the trust tree. Ha ha. Besides, Jesus was called a heretic and he had a special prayer for those that would call him that. “Father forgive them they know not what they do”. We can press on together. 1 John 4:18-19 comes to my mind and maybe it will be helpful on our journey of discovery toward maturity in Christ. “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love because he first loved us”

As for the Old Testament what the prophets had revealed to them-for us…even the angels long to understand. Peter references this point perfectly in 1 Peter 1:12.

Good news God is good and he is in control!! Can I get a Yay God?

I’ll keep seeking the Kingdom of that big big love with you my friend. It’s contagious.

Thank you Jesus