Academy versus Zachariah Institute

If one completes all Academy courses, then what more does the Institute offer? Is EAP an institute program only?

Hi @SAMBURU2020,

We are often working on more courses to be added within the RZIM Academy. I don’t believe any are being released imminently, but keep an eye open for new courses in the future.

You can check out other training offered by RZIM here. This includes the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and more small group curriculum developed by RZIM.

The EAP (Emerging Apologists Program) is a program held onsite at the Zacharias Institute traditionally once or twice a year that involves teaching sessions with members of the RZIM speaking team in a smaller setting. The current situation involving COVID-19 has affected that schedule, but I believe the next program we are taking applicants for will take place near the end of 2021. Please let us know if you have any other questions.