Access to lectures

Does anyone that’s has done the Islam elective know how to access it On Allumni?

I am also looking to have access to the Bible Elective lectures which I did in September 2020. Would like to go through some of the lectures again. @Ivy_Tyson, can you help?

Hello, friends!
Sorry that I am just seeing these questions.

@turgay.yusuf, I’m glad to see that you were able to access the Islam videos! @Utsab, have you seen this article?

If you are looking for access to the Bible elective, then you can request access at this link:

And once you are approved, you can access the content at this link:

Is this helpful?

And, @TyrinaAbshire, is this the correct information? :slight_smile:

Hi @KMac,
I requested access at the link you shared but haven’t yet been given access yet at (in fact, this link says It doesn’t exist).

Hope it works out soon.

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