Adam Jensen

I am from Canada in Fort St. John b.c.
I heard about connect through RZIM podcasts. Listen to then daily. Love thinking out loud!
I want to grow in understanding and knowledge about God, and talk about different perspectives on many different topics. I love talking about God and ideas with other christians. Looking forward to Hearing from others to help me learn, possibly looking at things from different angles that I have never considered


Hello Adam I like your user name, I pray all would be alive in Him. So glad you joined connect to learn and share so we all can grow in grace, truth, and love. Be looking for you around the forum.



@Alive_In_Christ Nice to meet you!

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@Alive_In_Christ Hi Adam! Welcome :grinning:. Those podcasts are great, aren’t they! Really hope you find more help and community from the conversations here.


Welcome @Alive_In_Christ - if you’re wanting to consider things from different angles - no shortage of those here! Glad to have you along!


Hi Adam, welcome to Connect family! :blush:

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Hi Adam and a warm welcome to Connect :smiley:.

Hi @Alive_In_Christ welcome to connect. I Love your username :heart: I have enjoyed the Thinking Out Loud podcast too. For the past two weeks, I have been listening to Vital Signs. I have had to look deep into my heart and tweak some areas where I have been wrong in my thinking. Very uncomfortable but thankful for the truth :pray:
Looking forward to reading some of your perspectives in the conversations.
Enjoy browsing :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome aboard @Alive_In_Christ. Love your screen name. Thank you for joining connect. I hope you enjoy the dialog and topics offered here. I am certain that you will be blessed. The forum is blessed to have you here. God-bless you and your journey.