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Adler Roberts

Say hello…

What’s up y’all!

I am originally from the Kansas City area, but live in Philadelphia, PA with my wife Anna. I’ve joined connect per the invitation from the digital ReFresh Conference 2020. She and I took a group of students to the 2019 conference in ATL, and love RZIM.

She and I both work as educators (Anna as a FILM TEACHER in the public school system) and myself in a private Christian Classical School. We hope to contribute in anyway applicable.




Hello Adler @acroberts92 welcome to Connect. Great that you both visited ReFresh together with students. How did you like the conference this year? It’s great that it could take place despite the circumstances. God bless you.

Welcome to Connect! I am sure you will have your own perspectives and insights based on your experiences, I look forward to what you will bring to the table!

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Welcome @acroberts92, It will be fun having you here. Please do contribute and ask your questions.

Shalom from Nigeria :nigeria: :smiley:

Hello Adler, welcome to connect. God bless you…