Adriaen Thibeault

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I’m from Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Although my travels have been very short, I am on a journey. And here is where I am at now:

As for me and myself, I will serve the Lord. I have my doubts and am not willing to run from them. Nonetheless, I have made a decision of faith; despite my unbelief I will grasp on no matter how thin the life-line may seem.

Yes, I speak in riddles. Right now, I apologize if I’m difficult to understand. Furthermore, I will warn that I am going to ask questions which atheists ask and that I have yet deciphered. I hope that I will not be perceived as tainted. But what I ask I will ask decorously.

The reason I came was to appease a friend of mine. As the woman in the parable incessantly nagged the judge for justice, in the same manner has that friend brought me here. To her, I’ll say “thank you.”

Being as blunt as I am, I hope that I am somewhat adequate to sharpen other of God’s people. In the process, my reward should be that I will become sharp and salient to God’s glory.

That is all.

I wish you well.

(Heidi Mitchell) #2

Hi Adriaen! @Adriaen
So glad your friend encouraged you to join Connect :blush:

You sound solid in your faith, despite your doubts- which is such a huge acknowledgement!

I think most Believers can relate to having times of wrestling for truth.
You’ve come to a safe space to ask questions- everyone here is careful to be kind, as well as, helpful and respectful of each other’s take on things.

It’s a great place to grow, and become more sure of the faith we hold so tightly to.

Be blessed!

(Sieglinde) #3

Welcome @Adriaen! I couldn’t have said it better than @HeidiMitchell so I second that!