Aduhor Gordon

Good Day to everyone.

I am the father of 3 children 2 boys and a girl. My lovely wife and I live in the city of Benin, Edo State of Nigeria. I am going to be 45 years this March.

I joined Connect because I completed the RZIM Core course module. I have read some of the post here and very sure it’s a place where I will learn a lots.

Like what I read today, " Let’s use the current situation of the pandemic as opportunity to share our faith and encourage friends and our community to stay Strong in faith.


@elgordonus Nice to meet you!


Welcome @elgordonus!


Hi! Welcome to Connect, @elgordonus. The topic you mentioned about reminding folks to stay strong in faith is highly relevant. In my state the schools have been closed, and it’s hard to even find some household staple products in stores because people are trying to make sure their homes are stocked in preparation for the what-if. I had an opportunity in line at Pizza Hut to mention our President calling for a National Day of Prayer in the USA for March 15th and then Psalm 91 and that we don’t have to be afraid. It was just a small moment, but every word of encouragement can help. It helps me anyhow when others encourage me to have faith.

@CarsonWeitnauer started a good thread on a Christian response to the covid-19 concerns you might appreciate.

Best wishes, and, again, welcome to Connect.


Welcome Abduhor, sounds like a beautiful family. All ours are on thier own now but get to spend some time with our 12 grands. Leah pointed out Carsons post about Covid 19 as well as many other posts, discussions about a myriad of topics. Your input will be welcomed and should you have time share what is taking place in your neck of the woods in this pandemic. Thank you and peace and safety to all.


@elgordonus, Welcome! It is interesting that you mention the coronavirus pandemic. I have been meditating on it and what God is teaching us (me) through it. I am in the process of formulating my thoughts and hope to post them when the opportunity presents itself.


Welcome Adhor!
So great to read your post written from all the way over in Nigeria. I pray you are fulfilled with many questions answered. I loved the core course and will be doing the science course in June. Maybe I will see you in one of the elective courses some day.


Welcome, Aduhor. I am glad to meet you here.