Advice on witnessing to a close minded Muslim

(Devon ) #1

Hello All,

I have been witnessing to a Muslim named Mohamed for a while now, and though he is willing to talk about these things (more like debate), he seems very closed minded to anything and everything. I still desire to talk with him, but I don’t know if I should or not, or what more I should say. I have been praying for him for a long time now, and really trying to just leave it in God’s hands.

Really any advise would be helpful, and also Prayers for him and me as well.

I hope I asked this in the right place, Thank you all very much!

God Bless!

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @Dev,

This is a great question. It is close to my heart as I think of Nabeel and how persistent, caring friendship was such an important part of his decision to follow Jesus. I would recommend reading Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus if you have not already done so. I really appreciate your heart to love Mohamed well and your continued prayers for him - a great example for all of us.

Also, I would love to hear from the @Interested_in_Islam group on this.

(Timothy Loraditch) #3

@Dev It’s great that you have a heart for this man, but it might be best to avoid debate I have never seen it produce good fruit. Instead, PRAY. Then pray again and when you finish, pray again. James 5:16 “The effective prayer of a righteous man avails much.” In your prayer ask God to open doors for you to show His love to this man. Then expect it to happen because it will. It might be a small thing like remembering his birthday or it might be a big thing. God may give you a word of wisdom and tell you to step out in faith. Be willing to do whatever God tells you and expect it to be a little bit of a stretch in your faith.
This man may really need to know that he is more than your next witnessing opportunity for you. He needs to know that you really care about him. God really wants to work through us to show is love to others. Expect Him to act.

(Bronwyn pearse) #4

Hi Dev I agree with both Tim and Carson . Read Nabels book ! and pray . However don’t shy away from debate but do this with’ gentleness and respect’ remember as Ravi puts it “ there is a questioner behind the question ‘ who is intrinsically valued. Perhaps look for opportunities to bless him in a natural way particularly when you appear to have opposing views. I like Ravi’s example of the Muslim who had a Christian wife . He would drive her to bible study and wait in the car while she was there. The pastor would regularly come out to the car and give him a coffee and cake ! This simple witness was a key as he explained if the role had been reversed no one would have cared about the Christian waiting in the car. He became a Christian. So don’t stress just be you and he will not only hear the message but see it to.
Prayers and blessings Bronie

(Ryan C Melcher) #5

Hi Devon,

I think you are doing rather well. Speak the truth in love, continue to pray and wait on God. Also be a friend. I gave a Muslim friend I know at work the heads up that a snack in the office might have alcohol in it (which is forbidden in Islam). It turned out it did not but he appreciated the heads up out of friendship.

God bless in you witness!

Cheers and blessings,


(Devon ) #6

Thank you, I have been doing just that lately. Just being a friend to him, and letting God lead. I have been praying for him for awhile now and also I have been praying for guidance.

(Devon ) #7

I love that Story from Ravi, such a great reminder of how the little acts of living out God’s love can do so much! I actually Have read Nabeel’s book, I love it! I started watching Nabeel’s videos years ago before he joined RZIM, what an amazing Man of God he is and now he is in God’s Presence! I really do try to Speak the Truth in Love, I Am not perfect at that, but God is teaching me.

(Bronwyn pearse) #8

Great to hear Devon . :blush:I was sharing with a colleague from work recently who is of the Bahi faith. I had asked her what it meant to be a Baha’i follower and wether she had to work towards her acceptance ( heaven )to which she said “yes her good works had to outway her bad works . I shared with her ( another simple Ravi gem) how we are led to believe “ religions are fundamentally the same and superficially different when in reality they are fundamentally different and superficially the same ‘. I then went on to say that Christianity is the only religion wherein our redemption and acceptance with God is a gift every other religion you have to work towards your rewards. I reminded her that in reality we are all flawed and the bible tells us that there is ‘no one righteous not one. ‘ She was very intrigued and although we got interrupted she is interested to continue the conversation at some stage . You know it’s not a competition about whose more right . But the uniqueness of the gospel is really compelling to anyone who has any spiritual insight . Remember your friend will see the differences as the Holy Spirit shows him. God bless

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #9

Hello @Dev. I’m happy to read about you witnessing to a Muslim friend. You mentioned that he seems to be very closed minded to anything to anything and everything. What do you mean by that? In what ways does he seem to be closed minded for you?

(Devon ) #10

He is very set in his Beliefs, and He seems to be a bit arrogant too. He Claims that He has More Understanding then I do, or That He knows what The Bible Fully Teaches even though He has only read a small part of it that I know of. He often brings up Religious Topics, and I do engage with Him on such things.

(Rashidah Lovick) #11

Youtube and the internet have made many people feel overly confident in their critique of Christianity, Devon. In addition to prayer and all of the other great things that you are doing to show Christ’s love and truth to your friend, here are a couple other ideas. One, share stories from the Bible about prophets that are mentioned in the Qur’an. Stories have a way of cutting through arguments in a peaceful way. You could say something like, "What you just said reminds me of a story about the prophet ____ (or Jesus). One day . . . " Choose stories that reveal something important about God that Muhammad would probably agree with. Use stories to build bridges of understanding and pique his curiosity about God’s word. Another strategy that I have found helpful is to offer to pray for concerns that my Muslims friends bring up. Personal, intercessory prayer is a beautiful gift that we can offer our Muslim friends, as this does not exist in Islam. I sometimes pray with my Muslim friends on the spot in Jesus’ name. If the prayer is answered, then Jesus gets the glory! God bless you, Devon, as you minister to your friend. God is with you, and He is at work! It is no coincidence that you are in Muhammad’s life. Be encouraged and don’t give up!

(Devon ) #12


I do like this idea. But He is just so fixed. It’s more like he is trying to Convert me then have a Disscussion with Me. He keeps saying that the Bible is false and that he has proof of it, that The Trinity is not Biblical and he has proof of it, that Jesus is not God and He has proof of it. On one hand he claims that the Bible is currupted, amd on the other hand He claims that The Bible Prophecies Mohammed, and Shows that Jesus is Muslim, and That it points to Islam.

He has said that he hasn’t studied The Quran And The Bible very much, but then He speaks about them with Great Authority. He claims that I Am Following Church Teachings and Not The Bible. He posts Bible verses and says what they mean, by his understanding. And then when I try to explain what the verses mean, while only using Bible Verses, and providing Him with references, He won’t respond to,it. Or, He almost acts like He didn’t even read it, and then He just claims that I Am ignorant or not open, or not being Honest. Which I know that I Am not being those things, cause I pray and check myself, to make sure that I Am speaking truth.

What do I do? Do I just let Him go? Should I no longer speak with Him?

I hate to let Him go, cause I want Him to come to,Christ, but I feel as if I have done everything.

I just don’t know what to do now.

(Luna) #13

@Dev I in a loving manner would start calling his bluff. Ask for proof and be prepared to have an answer for what he shows you. Also bring things to his doorstep a bit. Ask more questions about his faith. If he can’t back the claims then what he’s saying is either a lie or he’s choosing to be uninformed. Don’t allow the conversation to get heated because it can very quickly when he finds out he can’t back his claims. Remind yourself you are doing this because you love him with the love of Christ.

I would bring the proof of how the bible has been well preserved and how reliable it actually is. I would name scholars and name books he can read to research. Now if he doesn’t accept that then I would prove the Bible hasn’t been corrupted by showing him through the Quran. And I would ask where in the Quran does it say that the Bible has been corrupted.

(Andrea L) #14

Hi @Dev, it seems I have posted my answer to you into a wrong topic :frowning:
Here is what I meant to say here:

Blessings, and sorry for the confusion

(Rashidah Lovick) #15

Devon, I can see that this is a very trying friendship, but I want to encourage you to not give up. And do not rely on what you can see with your eyes. For all we know, he could be having dreams of Jesus and be trying to push you and God away (this really happened between afriend of mine and her Muslim friend). If he doesn’t know the Qur’an well, chances are that he is already wrestling with his faith and is dissatisfied with his religion. Keep loving him in an unconditional way because the love of God has the power to soften hearts and break down barriers. It honestly may take years for you to see any fruit because it sounds like he is a very prideful person. In other words, even if something that you are saying or doing is getting through to him, he may be too proud to let you see it at first (this is often the case). If you feel like you cannot get a word in edgewise during religious discussions, you could share info with him about the Bible’s reliability or the Christology of Jesus (or Muhammad in the Bible) through articles via email or print them out for him. That’s one of the things that David Wood did for Nabeel. There’s also videos that can be shared. Please let us know if you need help finding such resources. I am praying for you and your friend. “Let us not grow tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up.” Galatians 6:9

(CJ Knight) #16

Hey Dev!

  • While polarizing debate can simply cause separation, I’ve never known a Muslim friend to totally shut down honest questions such as:

  • Habibi (this is an endearing term for friend), do you know if God has forgiven your sins or not?

  • Will you tell me about Eid? What does that celebration mean to you? Can I share with you from the Torah about the connection between Mount Moriah in Genesis 22 and Mount Calvary in John 19?

  • Please, tell me about Ramadan. Do you know that Jesus also fasted for 40 days, but also 40 nights? Can I read you that story from the Injil (and then include Jesus’ baptism story which took place right before that, where Jesus is declared through the Spirit as the Father’s beloved Son).

  • Habibi, you say that Judiasm is like primary school, Christianity like secondary school, but Islam is University. I’m curious then, what happened to God’s command for sacrifices throughout the Torah? If they began in primary school, why are they not practiced in University?

(Ryan C Melcher) #17


Hi Devon,

I hope you are well! This is a follow up from my earlier post. I recently left my job for another opertunity. I was able to give my Muslim friend a Bible, which he accepted in a very gracious manner. I don’t think this would have been possible if I didn’t endeavor to follow scripture and love him as a neighbor, get to know him and constructively dialog about our differences (very thankful for the Holy Spirit’s guidance too). Hope your witness is going well and this is encouragement.

Cheers and blessings,