African Christians


Does anyone know of good reading material that shows African Christians pre-slavery?

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@Mr.Horton, I just happened to read this post in the Ask RZIM category, which may be helpful to you.

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I think that you will find this resource very helpful in your studies.

Here are some of the countries most radically changed during the period 1900 to 2000. These statistics (derived from David Barrett) represent professing Christians:

In the twentieth century, there have been some 1.8 million Christian martyrs in Africa.

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Hi, @Mr.Horton! Very good question… By ‘pre-slavery’, I’m assuming you’re meaning pre- trans-Atlantic slave trade instituted by the Europeans? So Christianity on the African continent from before 1500 or so…?

It’s probably best to start with the early church there in Egypt and it’s influence that spread from there. One of the first converts was the eunuch from Ethiopia, and like Lisa suggested in her answer (that @Lakshmismehta helpfully linked!), both Athanasius (Egyptian) and Augustine (Algerian) were from the continent.

Maybe a book like this would help?

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Thanks for posting this topic. I have many family members that think Christianity is a white mans religion. I’ve done my best to disprove that ideology. I’ll be touching base with the same family members in the next couple of weeks, so the resources mentioned in this post will hopefully come in handy when we enter into discussion again.

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Believers of Yahweh…google NUBIA.