Aggresive Secularism

The Freedom From Religion Foundation ( is “a national membership association of more than 30,000 freethinkers: atheists, agnostics and skeptics of any pedigree.” It also aggressively targets public institutions and schools over inclusion of religious elements. They promote “free thought” in school systems nationwide. I believe they have successfully supplanted religious belief systems with their own.
So, what is the way forward to counter this sort of aggression directly so free thought can truly thrive.

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Hey @SAMBURU2020!

This is a great question.

As there are multiple online avenues of which people (regardless of religion affiliation) attempt to push and proclaim their world views on aspects such as

As they imply “freedom of thought and speech”, while underlaying their banner with their hidden belief systems. Though, the media has been a major tool for Christians to spread the Gospel; Satan mixed in with bound slaves to him have used this same avenue to propagate his plans, as you already know.

I believe the “solution” to these kinds of systems and problems does not have a “one fits all” service program. And though many are being reached and turning to Christ through some dynamic sources online; many are So confused with the thousands of voices of Lie vs Truth. And every single person, at some point, faces the same question Pilate cried out in John 18:38 KJV, “What is truth?”

1. Here is the simple answer that “happens” to have the most powerful fruit of all time, no matter what time in history one is living: Prayer.

I think we as Christians often see the armor of God as a “6-piece” set to put on and fight in (1. The belt of Truth, 2. The breastplate of righteousness, 3. The shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace, 4. The shield of faith, 5. The helmet of Salvation, And… 6. The sword of the Spirit—the word of God). But so often we forget the 7th critical aspect of the armor in the hottest form of warfare. It is Prayer—The Radio: the spiritual transmitter and receptor of the spiritual “electromagnetic waves of radio frequency“, especially those carrying sound messages all the way to the Throne Room of the Chief Commander Himself. By using this vital tool, it can reach directly into the lives of those who are apart of such devastating media avenues and change things up a bit, whether they think they are hiding or not.

2. Personal and individual relationship with those whom one is trying to reach.

Any message brought forth in love for specific individuals can go farther than one might think. When someone feels they and their worldview they hold closely to their hearts are valued and sought to be understood, the hard wall of skepticism may begin to soften into fences of contemplation. And as ones choose to open up more and more in the fence of contemplation, it may eventually lead to clear gateways for truth’s entrance and growth in that heart.

I believe RZIM connect is one of a kind, because even the ones heading it up are seeking to point people to the love and truth in Jesus Christ. Whereas, many of the other avenues, such as the one you mentioned, are ones that the head guys are allowing and encouraging the modern day, post truth, to flourish in their tools of infiltration.

I do think it is amazing that God and His love can seep into any avenue and begin working. If God has prompted you to be a tool for that purpose, then what an opportunity you have. I think the principles for practical and effective communications and daily evangelism are efficiently laid out in the attached video by Vince Vitale, entitled “Everyday Apologetics: the Spiritual Discipline of Conversation:

Hope it helps👍

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Thank you for this. I enjoyed and I was encouraged by Vince’s lecture. Be blessed!

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