Aida C

(Aida Cervera) #1


I’m from Tampa, FL. I was listening to a “Just Thinking” podcast and this site was mentioned.

I hope to be part of a community where we can all grow in our faith and be of support to each other.

Thank you for making this community available for us!

(Jerrold C William) #2

Hey Aida! I’m glad you’re in the right spot for all the right reasons. This community has helped me vastly with their deep insights about life’s biggest questions that are posed on us Christians to be in particular.
We can only hope that we had instantaneous answers to all of the questions, which in most cases, sad that we don’t have one.
This community is such a platform that’ll change our perspectives not just about the question but the most worthy soul, the questioner, behind the question.
I welcome you once again, to take part and contribute towards the betterment of our fellow members.

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @ac1213,

Welcome! The way @JerryJCW put it is absolutely perfect. I find that this community helps me learn to really SEE people and care about them, as God’s image bearer.

There are so many little ways that we can get knocked back from telling others what Jesus has done for them. All of this friction and frustration adds up and before long, we’ve become frozen and passive about the best news in the world. Participating in this community can remind you that God’s people are on the move, led by his Spirit, and seeing lives transformed as people receive Christ. I hope you’ll find it to be a daily encouragement.