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My name is Aisha and I live in Minnesota. I grew up a Muslim in Jordan and gave my life to Christ about 10 years ago. Life changing!
I was introduced to this wonderful community from a wonderful woman I met at a conference two years ago. I’m so grateful to be a part of this group as I’ve been desiring to learn more in the depth of the Christian faith in hopes to one day be able to share it with my Muslim family & friends.

In Christ,

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Welcome @aishavandy. It’s so good to have you here.

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Welcome, @aishavandy! It is wonderful to have you here! I imagine you have an amazing story about how you met Christ Jesus. I look forward to your contributions to Connect.

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Hello Aisha and welcome to RZIM connect. You will be glad you are here. So many things to learn about Jesus. God bless

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Greetings Aisha,

How wonderful that God in His infinite mercy and grace…drew you to Himself. That you have placed your faith in Jesus as “the Way, the Truth and the Life.” Praise God for His unfailing love to wayward sinners.

I am curious as to how God worked in your life to bring you from being a Muslim to faith in Jesus Christ, “the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”

My daughter married a Palestian young man and converted to Islam. It is my hearts desire and prayer that God would draw them both into a living relationship with himself.

I am interested to know how God revealed Himself to you.

Many blessings,


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Welcome @aishavandy!! My heart feels so encouraged after reading your post because I also grew up as a Muslim and can often feel discouraged that there are not many “like me” around–just because there are some unique struggles with this journey–although there is nothing that I would trade to not have received Christ!!

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Welcome to Connect, Aisha! So glad you found this platform. You must have such an awesome story! I truly hope that you will find this RZIM community a safe place to ask your burning questions as well as a welcoming environment in which you can grow and share your opinions. May God richly bless and protect you and your family as He pours out His love for you all through this community.:blush:

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Hi Billie!

Thank you so much for your kind words. Gosh, my testimony is so long but basically it was the conviction of deep sin in my life that brought me to Christ. There was no form of forgiveness from Allah in islam for my sins and when I read the Bible for the first time I wept when I came across Romans 5:8. Lots more to this but because of Christ I have life, real life, and freedom from the bondage that held me hostage for years. Looking back at my life now, I can see how God was paving the path for me to surrender my life to Him. I also had a supernatural encounter with Jesus, which many Muslims experience too, praise God. Your heart must break for your daughter, I always advise against Christian women marrying men outside of the Christian Faith (good article to read I’ll be praying alongside of you for your daughter, son-in-law and his family that they’d experience the presence of Christ supernaturally. Keep praying for them!

In Him,

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Hi Kinza,

Be encouraged, sister, there’s lots of us out there haha! I’m so glad to meet you and know you’re in this group as well. This journey can most certainly feel so so lonely and scary! I would love to connect with you outside of this group. Here’s my email: [email protected] :slight_smile:

In Him,

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Thank you so much, Tara!! :slight_smile:

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Thank Aisha.

It is good to hear how you came to Christ. Praise God for His unfailing love. What a beautiful testimony! It is interesting how the sense of sinfulness was key and how you longed for God’s forgiveness.

My daughter wasn’t a believer in Jesus, when she married. She went to Palestine, as a dissolute, disillusioned university educated atheist…She met a Muslim young man while there. (Her older sister had married a Muslim man who came to Canada as a refugee. The man my youngest daughter married is the cousin of her sister’s husband.)

I have many ideas as to why she fell into the snare of Islam. Of course, one of which was her falling in love with a man who is a devote muslim.

I think her bitterness and disillusionment with Western culture had something to do with it. The Palestinian culture is simple. It is immature when considered against the modernity of European / Western societies. I think she romanticized what she saw. Her lived experience as a western woman drew a powerful contrast to what she saw there. I think this contrast proved to be fairly seductive to her.

It is comforting to know people who once espoused Islam and have now come to trust in Jesus. I know, I can’t engage in the conflicts of religious ideology with her. Both my daughter and her husband, need an encounter with Jesus.

It is my constant prayer that Jesus would reveal Himself to them.

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I’m so glad to be part of this community with you! Welcome!

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