Alan John


I’m Medical student from Kerala, India. It was such an honor and privilege to complete the core module! Look forward to having a great time ahead!


Welcome Alan,

You mentioned being a medical student :man_health_worker:t4: in India, what year are you in and what is the process before you are a fully accredited in your field of study?

Congratulations :partying_face: on completing the Core Module, I do hope you take advantage of the continued access to the core modules video content through connect.
Here is that link

Please enjoy this short video from Ravi regarding Connect, and if there is anything I can assist you with, simply inquire by responding to this message. :tulip:


Welcome to connect @alanjohn10. It is good to have you joining connect. Best wishes to you in your studies and congratulations on completing the core module. Was there a favorite aspect of the course that you found instrumental in your faith path? I hope that you get to share some of the things that were taught as this spirit leads you to respond to new members as well as those who may be questioning certain aspects of Christianity. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to connect.rzim @alanjohn10!! I Look forward to connecting with you in various discussions!


Hey Roseann,
Thanks for your response. I’m currently doing my 2nd year (5th semester) MBBS in India. I have about 2.5 years more to go.