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Alecia Peart

Hello everyone!

I’m from Jamaica.

I started following Dr. Ravi Zacharias and other members of the RZIM team in an effort to develop my knowledge of the Christian worldview so that I would be better able to give an answer to skeptics and opposers because as I got older and started to analyse my beliefs in a more critical way I realised that there were serious gaps in my knowledge and understanding of the faith that I was professing. As I explored the RZIM website I discovered that there was a place that I could both ask my burning questions and see the responses to the questions of others (i.e. here at Connect) so I decided to join.

I hope to learn much from all those who have been in the apologetics business for much longer than myself, and as I grow both in my knowledge of God and in my personal relationship with Christ, I pray that I’ll develop into a better defender and fighter for the truth who can then aid others in getting answers to their intellectual and existential questions like the RZIM team is so aptly able to do.


Hello @Alecia

You are very welcome here at RZIM Connect.
Thank you so much for joining here.

This is a community where you can grow in the knowledge and love of our LORD Jesus Christ, so we are better equip to the ministry He has called us to do.
I commend you for your courage and faith to talk about Jesus with skeptics.
I pray you would be more successful and God bless you more along the way.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Alecia, Welcome! I have had two supervisors who hailed from Jamaica. They had some fun stories to tell. I look forward to hearing how God is working in your life as you develop your apologetic skills and faith.

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Welcome aboard @Alecia. You’re goals are spot on. I pray that you will develop and fight for truth as well. Thank you for coming alongside us. Engage as frequently as you are able because the more you are able to explore and understand the faster your goals will be met. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @Alecia! I joined for menu of the same reasons as well! I found it to be kind of scary to realize the gaps in understanding the Christian Faith. RZIM Connect (and watching many YouTube videos of Bro. Nabeel And Bro. Ravi) have tremendously helped to answer my questions and sure up my foundation as I seek to help others find the truth. Blessings on your journey :smiley: