Hello everyone, this will be a great experience to learn from each other.

I live in Honduras, Central America.

This is always in search of knowing more to grow in my relationship with God and my brothers in different congregations.

I really like to talk and know different points of view.
I hope to contribute to what the Lord has taught me in my walk with Him and what I have experienced with my family in the church that I am involved in.

He anticipated much learning that will help us grow to be like Christ.

Thank you for this oportunnity,


Hello, Alesio, and welcome to Connect! It sounds like your family and church are blessed to have someone who seeks the Lord first. I’m looking forward to reading more from you here. Perhaps some of your family and church would like to join too!


Welcome aboard @alesio.castro. Glad you have joined connect. Liking different points of view is great. That you may find here. But it is done with kindness and compassion. I trust connect will be a blessing to you. Your joining is a blessing to us. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Alesio, yes, the Connect forums are great for learning from each other, growing and getting in touch with brothers and sisters from all over the world.

I like your way of being open to different views. What kind of church are you involved in? Welcome and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Thanks Brittany, I will invited some friends of my church =)


Thanks Keldon, thank you for your words. It will be a great adventure to interact with many brothers to grow up in knowing the Lord of our lives.


Thanks, @iDan, one of my pastors teach me to value the opinion of others, understand the perspective they have, to look for what we have in common and to explain in the best way what we are different.

As Dr. Zacharias said at a conference: unity does not mean uniformity.


Hey Alesio! Fantastic to hear from you. You’re right, it’s great to observe other points of view and to have discussions with others in humility and love when we are firm in knowing God’s truth as objective truth is a great honor. I’m hoping to hear more from you :grin: