Alex A7

Say hello…
Hey folks, great to be here!

Where are you from?
When asked where I’m from, it’s kinda a long story, but here it goes…
…. I was born in Mexico City (Distrito Federal), Mexico from Cuban parents. We moved to Miami, Fl (US) when I was 11. My family (wife and kids) moved to Georgia (US) in 2007 and been here ever since.

What led you to join Connect?
Was listening to “Let My People Think” and heard an advertising of Connect.
I struggle with making friends and with living out my Christian life, so I thought this would be a great place to find direction, connection and encouragement, and hopefully I can do that for others.

How do you hope to participate?
As mentioned above, I hope to gain direction and encouragement, and also to give it to others.


Welcome to Connect, Alex! I think you will find here a group of believers who encourage one another as we seek to follow the Lord in the path He laid out before each one of us. By the way, I moved quite a bit myself, and that, I’ve found, makes it harder to keep some friendships since good relationships require time and effort and often close proximity. The Lord bless you and your family.


Welcome aboard @alex_a7. So good to have you joining us and please know you already have friends here. I hope this forum blesses your path and shows you that connecting with fellow christians is so important. Please visit us frequently. Please do encourage others to do the same as you were doing and to engage in the discussions that are available that dig deeper into our faith together. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hi @alex_a7,

Welcome my brother to the connect family, wow what a journey and history for your children and all those to come in the future. Perhaps if time permits you could share your journey through life to faith in Christ? I for one would love to hear this interesting diverse journey my friend. Looking forward as you learn to navigate and share. Love and cherish that beautiful family of yours and be safe.



Welcome Alex

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