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Hello, team! I am a student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Having engaged with an RZIM week at our university, I was eager to complete the introductory course and through that experience, the alumni forum seemed like the next best step.

I hope to contribute by adding a jovial lense to the forum. As a student, my passion is to see Muslims come to know Jesus and I hope to provide continual updates and dialogues.


Hello and welcome @jaa4aw
Great to have you join us. How is the gospel growing in your university? What the core topic of discuss during the RZIM WEEK in you school? What do you enjoy the most in the core module you took?

Looking forward to learning from you. Feel free to join the conversation anytime.


Hey, John Michael

Specifically, I lead first year students with an organization called Chi Alpha. Our goal is to mobilize and raise up other leaders to spread the gospel. When RZIM came, they led discussions on all kinds of hot topics. My favorites were: Does the Bible Condone Slavery? and Can faith and science coexist?

In the core module, I enjoyed learning the nuances of logic and how to recognize and utilize during conversations!


Welcome aboard @jaa4aw. So glad you have joined connect. From reading your post seems that you did get a great deal out of the core module. Are you considering some of the electives? And I love that evangelism is on your heart. Keep it up. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @jaa4aw, it’s wonderful to have you here :slightly_smiling_face: I look forward to hearing more from you as you engage in the conversations. Take care :heart:


Great to meet you Keldon,

I was able to visit Tunisia North Africa this past year and business as missions in the Arab world is something I’m interested in so I’m leaning towards the Islam course. Have you taken any?


Welcome, welcome! We need jocularity here! Amen!

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I have had the blessing and be unable to take them all. The Islam elective is very very good. Do it :slight_smile:

Great to go through your reply @jaa4aw

Although the questioning of faith by science is not the trending thing for now in africa expecially in my community, nevertheless slavery is a big issue that confronts both the church and the nation today.

Interestingly, today, Nigeria celebrate her * 59 years of independence* yet the most asked question are are we truly independent? what is true freedom and why slavery and suffering

We can’t ignore the reality of these phenomenal but we can trust that only in Christ Jesus do we have hope.

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