Alex Barber

(Alex Barber) #1

Hi Everyone!

I’m living in Edinburgh, but grew up in the United States, in New England and New York.

I’m joining after completing the core module of RZIM academy a few years ago.

Im a fairly novice apologist, but as a Data Engineer, I’m hoping I can add to the conversation by drawing on my strong analytical abilities and knowledge of logic!

(Kathleen) #2

Hello, and welcome to Connect, @Tikaraldo! We’re glad that you’ve joined us. :slight_smile: Edinburgh is one of my most favourite cities, by the way. So great you get to live there! How long have you been up there?

(Olivia Davis) #3

Hi Alex! Welcome to Connect. This is a great place to grow in apologetics! There’s much to learn and share here, and I really look forward to reading your contribution in the forums!