Alexander Marozhe

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Harare Zimbabwe

Content in your program on TV

By introducing topics for discussion and questions

(SeanO) #2

@Alexander_Marozhe Welcome to Connect! May the Lord Jesus bless you richly as you grow in the grace and knowledge of Him. See you on the forums.

(Alexander Marozhe) #3

Thank you and Amen.
Can I ask questions using this email?

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(Daniel) #4

Hello Alexander :smile: Welcome. We look forward to your questions and contributions to discussions. Do you know @casmakoni? He is also from Harare :+1:

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(SeanO) #5

@Alexander_Marozhe To ask questions, simply create a new ‘New Topic’ by clicking on that option in the upper right of your screen and place the new topic it in the right category - probably #daily-evangelism or #bible-questions or #christian-growth.

(Caston Makoni) #6

Hello Alexander
Welcome to Connect I pray you’ll enjoy your time here,I am also from Harare I hope to meet and know you more one of the days.

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(Alexander Marozhe) #7

Thank you.
Yes,we should arrange to meet,that’ll be good.
Be blessed.

(Alexander Marozhe) #8

Thank you.
Caston has since made contact and we should be meeting soon.