Alicia Batson

Hello Everyone !

I am happy to join RZIM Connect and be a part of this online Christian community. I wish I could meet you all in person instead, but am thankful for this digital opportunity.

I am from Nashville, Tn, USA. I am 56 years old, married, and work as a psychiatrist in a community mental health center. I specialize in the treatment (with full recovery) from chronic pain, using self help and talk therapy.

I can’t remember how I found RZIM and Ravi Z., but became quickly hooked on learning and listening. I am a new Christian. Though raised in the church, sort of, I never made it an intentional part of my adult life until 3 years ago, after passing through years of atheism/agnosticism/humanist phases. I joined Connect to continue to expand my connections with other Christians and for a place to have deeper conversations which I enjoy.

I will have to see how it will be best for my to contribute. I am a good listener, but sometimes that is not an asset in an online community as the others don’t know you are listening!

Thank you,


Hi Alicia! @crackerlake1
So glad you’ve joined us :relaxed:

I giggled to myself here:

because I sometimes realize I haven’t chimed in for a while out in the forums-although I felt a part of the conversation…because it’s so interesting to listen to others’ thoughts and takes on things!

I love your story, and how you’ve come through so many worldviews- and now have found Christ in your 50’s. I’m sure your testimony would be appreciated! (I know I’d love to hear how it all came about :relaxed:There’s a category for that -click the “3 line button”, and you’ll find the spot)

I couldn’t help but think how your faith could play a role in the way you talk to your patients- even if it’s a secular (can’t specifically talk about your faith) environment… the Holy Spirit working in you would be a neat thing to see!

I hope you’ll be blessed by this community of Believers- I’m sure you’ll be a blessing to others!


Hi @crackerlake1, what a wonderful introduction, welcome. I agree with @HeidiMitchell and I also smiled when I read your comment on listening :slightly_smiling_face:. You will be a great asset here. I look forward to hearing more from you out in the conversations. Take care :pray:


Hello, Alicia, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: Praise the Lord for how He has worked in your life and your decision to accept His gift of the cross. How wonderful to hear! I hope you will dig deeper into the community here- we seek to learn together and encourage one another. I’m soooo thankful to know there is a Christian light in the counseling community. There are a good number of counselors here, and I hope you guys can get connected. Welcome!